Just popping in to share this!!

Hello All, Hop your all okay

I’m still working on the gloves, I have nearly finished the second glove when I noticed I had done too many repeats so I’m having to rip i out again back to where I went wrong and start from there..secondly I discovered a cross stitch magazine and it had a free gift with it, so I gave it a go..and you know what I can do it and it’s super relaxing, so now I have even more projects on the go, my brain is coming up with so many ideas it’s hard to keep up. But please keep being patient it will be worth it..I promise (hopefully you’ll think so too!) Also I have found the design my son and I made a while back so am hoping to start on them and I can NOT wait! He is such a thoughtful boy and it was all his idea, I had to help him a little with some of the wording as children don’t understand why we have to be “politically correct” in our language and just say things how it is 😛

But the reason I thought I would pop in quick and do this post is because I just HAD to share this video, I’m a big believer in letting boys and girls play with toys they want, if my son wanted a dolly and a pram I’d quite happily let him, and he would have probably played nice with it and then decided to try to ride in it or something…but that’s all part of learning in my opinion. And I’m a great believer in, if you are NOT allowed to play with something..doesn’t that just make it more attractive 😉 But I don’t like the fact that there are branded things everywhere, I’m not saying my son wasn’t taken in by “Spiderman” or that he isn’t the fan of the “Turtles” etc, but he also has unbranded things and he loves the toys I crochet him more because they have thought in them and NO ONE else has one the same…so this amazing Australian lady did an amazing thing with the Bratz dolls and I have to say I love the idea..and I want one!! 😛 So for those who haven’t seen this here you go!


I think she also has a Etsy shop but just note down the name at start of the vid and google it (What? You gotta do your own work sometimes ;))

As always thanks for popping in. Good luck in all that you do. Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be




Celebrating 4 Years on Wordpress…and Crochet Fingerless gloves..not for chubby fingers!

Hi All, as ever I hope this post finds you well, First of all I want to say THANK YOU everyone that follows my blog, puts up with my posts (and even lack of!) those who comment, those who help and everyone who supports me in this, On February the 8th this year (2015) WordPress told me that I’d been doing my blog (From my Couch to 5k and then this one) for 4 years, so I’ve been on WordPress for 4 years and have kept active that’s longer than I keep a diary, and it’s all down to you guys inspiration, helpfulness and the joy I have at the comments or likes or even followers I have when I post something new. So to you guys


So guys I’m back, well kind of, I didn’t get half of what I wanted to do, done as I’ve not been well this week had some freaky kind of bug that made me want to eat Frosties (I never eat cereal!!) carrots and cheese, and that’s it, and I’ve also been extremely light headed and had a sore throat, and by sore I mean like someone has forced me to eat fire kind of sore throat. But I’m finally getting there and hoping this next week (which also happens to be half term!) will be a fun filled week and I won’t ruin it (again) by being poorly:P

Soooo I have got this far with these gloves and I’m currently untangling a mess I made with the rest of the yarn ball. I’ve finally managed to untangle the yarn ball that I made a massive wrong decision and made the knots all worse, So yeah been a fun week so far 😛

I also discovered Google + has crochet community ..yeah I know where have I been right?!

here is the picture so far, I do apoligise for the picture, but as I’ve been stuck in/to my bed for most part of the week, this is the best I can do. I had to make  hand out of paper/card as I couldn’t take a steady pic with my hand in it. I am showing my improvisation skills you see 😉

20150212_090916 20150212_091051


These probably show the colours of this project more than the pictures that follow. I’m still working on it hence the loop, but they look cute don’t they?


They are made with Merino wool and are from a pattern in Special Issue of Crochet Today Issue 2010! I was a novice when I got this and wouldn’t in a million years think I could get to this stage EVER, but I did 🙂



There is one thing I have to say with this pattern there is no Sizing chart as such, you do the tension gauge (I RECOMMEND DOING THEM!!!) all is fine but as my hands are on the chubby side and also my wrists are more like extensions of chubby arms I wouldn’t recommend them or if your going to do them make sure you make the bottom part a little wider. I’ll show you what I mean in the next picture



See how the glove fits on the hand but then the bottom part (even if I put on the buttons) just wouldn’t fit on my hands.



I also had to figure out the little finger space myself, in fact I’m going to undo that and just do normal rounds minus the finger parts as I think my hand will feel too squished. So just be careful when doing this pattern!


Apart from that it’s a lovely pattern. And the pattern in this book is called  Gifty Gloves and they use REDHEART & Sole and Rustica Yarn. If that helps. But I bought the merino as it was on sale and I wanted to make myself something nice with it.

Here are some more Pictures!

20150212_091114 20150212_090811 20150212_090902


The yarn looks more purple in these pictures but it’s more of the pink like in the picture above!

I love the pattern stitch though it’s beautiful and feels wonderful. And it’s a great pattern I just wish I didn’t have chubby arms and fingers 😉




Well I wanted to show you all this little bit of fun I did yesterday too!



Click on it to see a larger image. But I just wanted to see what this looked like and it does stand out a bit more doesn’t it?! I was playing with Photoshop getting rid of bad backgrounds and putting new ones in. I don’t think it bad for a first try!


What do you guys think? Check out the rest of the underwater sea creatures and how to get the pattern (this isn’t my pattern!) to make one yourself here on my ravelry account, click on projects on the right hand side.


I’m hoping to post some more crochet stuff later but if not later sooon…!!

Thanks again all! 4 Years Woohoooo!!!

Good Luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



I’ll be back!

What? You want more? Haha, My apoligies in the lack of posts of late, I have been trying to re-organise my house/life etc and with work I just didn’t organise myself well enough for this. I see this as a hobby you see and then I feel like it’s not worthy of my time (I know, I’m so bad..sorry blog :/ Please forgive me!!) But it is and I should make time to fit this in as much as I do to fit other things in..oh and I also discovered minecraft..or rather my son did I liked the look of it and now I’m also hooked…God that game is addictive 😉 I do have some projects I’m currently doing one involving Merino wool that hubby bought me as a Christmas gift and for once I’m doing something for MOI!! And some other things plus some others in the pipeline that will be my own patterns. As I haven’t done much of my own patterns for a while. Please be patient I shall resume once all this hecticness has died down. Probably a week will do it..but you never know it may be before..you’ll have to watch!! Thanks again Good luck in all that you do Blessed be Abi -xx-

Just to prove I am doing some kind of crochet related work, here is something else I’m working on at the moment ..Better Pictures!!



AFTER!  With Some Warming added.

AFTER! With Some Warming added.

What do you think? Better? More “POP” and welcoming to your eyes? Here are a few more. Please let me know what you think.



After. Think it's a littly too dark around the background. But I think you can see the stitches more!

After. Think it’s a littly too dark around the background. But I think you can see the stitches more!



With some gentle tweakings...

With some gentle tweakings…

With a lot of tweaking looks warmer but too contrasty I think and WHAT was I thinking with the background? I wasn't!!

With a lot of tweaking looks warmer but too contrasty I think and WHAT was I thinking with the background? I wasn’t!!

Before. A little blurry and faded!

Before. A little blurry and faded!

This is a bit better they are now the main focus aren' they? I don't think it was a great pic to start with though to be fair!

This is a bit better they are now the main focus aren’ they? I don’t think it was a great pic to start with though to be fair!


I don’t seem to have the before to this one but ignore the shiny laptop the stitches on this picture is much better but an example what not to do in your pictures. Don’t use shiny laptops for backgrounds!!

Well thanks for popping in and having a nosy. Good Day 😉 Don’t forget to tell me what you like/don’t like about the photo’s any advice is taken on board also 🙂 xx

Hope you Had a Great Christmas/Celebrations and Have a Happy New Year!!

Hello All,

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas, anyone’s new resolution to begin Crocheting…Why NOT?! 😉 Did you get some lovely things? I had some AMAZING Snow boot Slippers, I’m totally in Love with them, A Pair of Boots, Jeans, A voucher off Hubby to go to the wool shop (which he hates going to) and he says he will buy me some yarn..within reason 😉 Sweets (so much sweets and chocolate in this house it’s crazey!!!) Super Fluffy PJ’s, Some Albums, Taylor Swift x 2 and Dolly Parton, (we also got a Coffee Machine that makes Hot Chocolate and Tea, well technically you put flavour pods in it and then it makes them, off My Mother In Law) More Chocolate, Shortbread and I think that’s the end. I know I get so spoilt from my hubby and son and my M.I.L. Oh! I nearly Forgot I also got a necklace off my little sister, paper lantern kite thing..can’t wait to use it! Camping cookbook, which is going to be fun to try and use!! Oh and I forgot one more thing..RADOX, let’s face it, it’s not Christmas unless you get at least ONE smelly, but RADOX is the BEST!!!!!!! Love RADOX, I find it doesn’t do anything bad to my skin (unless I have teatree, I’m so allergic to that!!!! Drives my Eczema CRAZAY!!) and I love the smell of them!! Oh and I got a beautiful Lotus Candle, it’s so beautiful and bit, it fits nicely in the middle of our dining room table 🙂

My son and I made some Christmas crafts in School (and at home but I forgot to take pics of those ;)) so feast your eyes on these cuties!!

1. Raindeer Made from Brown plant pot and polystyrene balls painted brown. The Raindeers ears are

Made from Stripey Pipe cleaners (I nearly died of happiness!!) Isn’t it the cutest?!!!



2. The snowman is made the same as the raindeer but the plantpot is painted Brown and the earmuffs

(I know sooo cute!!) are made from pompoms. The buttons are pretty sequins my son chose 😛

(oh do you like my beautiful glass Angel bauble next to the snowman? That’s off my Mum and Dad last


And then we did this (actually we partly did this first as it needed the paint to dry before we could do the glue gun glueing bit!)

20141212_181743 20141212_181724 20141212_181702

This Raindeer is made of dolly Pegs! By the time we got him home, strong winds and rain and a paper bag, he had lost one of his eyes. But he’s still cute!

Look at his amazingly glittery feet! My son and I painted these but my son put the eyes, nose bell and did his awesome glittery hooves. I love him. I love things like this that we can bring out year after year, I just love hanging them on the tree. I’m not a matching tree and tinsel kind of girl. I like to just chuck on whatever I/my son fancy’s at the time with the added decorations of whatever he has/is making. Love it!! 🙂

So to sum it up……

Yep I was definitely spoilt rotten again, I always think I’m so blessed and lucky to have my sisters, hubby, son and Mother In Law around me (parent’s too, sorry Mum and Dad, you know it’s just because I already think as that as a given right?! :P) I’m truly blessed!

Well I bet you didn’t come here to see my long list of Christmas presents! So here is what I managed to fit in just before Christmas day, and I mean I literally had to squeeze this in to finish it in time!!!

A present for my Friends’ little girls dolly that they were getting for Christmas. I would of liked to have done some more but I just didn’t have time. So I will make some more when I have finished some of the projects I have on the go. …

Here is the outfit I made!

1. Bottom of the Knickers                            2.Back of the Dress, I have Weaved        3. Side of Knickers

and the little Mary Jane’s                                A Ribbon in so it can be tightened!           Weaved Ribbon in here as well

20141219_215354 20141219_205202 20141219_205149 20141219_205140 20141219_205133

1. Closer look at the Knickers

2. Closer look at the Dress

The Pattern is here, it’s also on Ravelry and has a picture of the set.

I actually did the knickers in two halfs and sewed them together at the sides, it was much easier. But feel free to try the way the pattern does. I have to make things easy for me…dyslexia does that to you 😉

I am currently making a puppy that I have seen in a crochet magazine but I’m making it all with this cute yarn…you’ll have to wait I’m afraid!  But I do have one more thing to show you….I made this for my sister, I couldn’t show you beforehand just in case she had a nosey and saw it!! So here you go….

20141214_095205-1 20141214_095205

Excuse my mug in these pics, but I had to try it on. Believe me placing those buttons were a nightmare, as soon as I took it off after putting the pins on I couldn’t figure out which side I was meant to put the buttons on..(joys of being dyslexic ..again!!!) haha but I got there in the end and this is the result. I know you can see the ends in this picture and the one above but I did sew them in honest I just didn’t take “Final” Pics, you know what it’s like all that rushing around just before Christmas making sure Santa has everyone’s gifts in order for their gifts to be delivered on time and all that 😉 This is a Super chunky green yarn I got ages ago. It’s beautiful to work with and works up fast with a big hook! This is a cowl by the way!

Pattern is here 

Well that’s all I have for this post, hopefully in the Next Year, I will have a puppy (amigurumi type) to show you and a Doll sling..both which I have ongoing at the moment. Enjoy the New Year coming in and Celebrations (if you have any) and Thank you for visiting my blog. Please Comment below if you enjoy this, or don’t or if I go on too much or use these way too much !!! or these 😛 :):O haha.

Harm none and do as though will!

Blessed Be



Shhhh, Google and I have a secret!!! Also What’s with the Pink of Baby Pink?

Bet THAT got your attention 😉 All will be revealed in good time 😛

Well first of all, here are the (finally) finished mobile critters I was making for my hubby’s niece, she said she is not actually putting them on a mobile, but as the room has an underwater/sea theme they will look nice around the room. She is due her first baby in December. So lovely hearing about baby’s been born. I just wish these guys would be a bit nearer so I can go visit them and have cuddles from the babes 😉


This was my first attempt, but I wasn’t happy with them to be given to my hubby’s niece (so my Son claimed them :P) Here is the start of my second attempt, and the finished products. Sorry I didn’t take much “in progress” pictures, anyhow do like these much better!! What do you think?

Crabby1 20141120_004 20141120_005I think the eyes make them have some character and they look more “alive” don’t they? 🙂

Talking about Baby’s, what is it with the Colour of yarn that’s baby pink? Am I the only one that really doesn’t like it?! I think it looks nice once an outfits done (I’m currently making my first order of hooded jacket, in this colour!) and it’s only now that I can say I actually like it, I’m on the hood part of it. I will try and upload a pic, but no promises, computers are NOT my friend today 🙂

TPhoto_00013I apoligise for the not very good lighting, this is the pink I’m using, it’s very light near enough white!

Here is the Jacket so far, I’m just working on the hood, I’m hoping to do the border a deeper pink and maybe add a pocket just to break away from all the light pink. As the lady the order is for also want’s hat and mittens!

TPhoto_00008 TPhoto_00011 TPhoto_00012 Again I can only apoligise for the lighting (or lack of!) But what do you think so far? I haven’t sewn anything together just put it down to display it to you on how is SHOULD look once done, minus the hood!

As for my Google has hidden secrets, my husband informed me that there are a lot of Google things that they don’t seem to advertise as much as Google Drive and their Gmail add on’s here is the link which will take you to a list from Wikepedia! I am mentioning this as I’m thinking of making a website to go alongside my blog, which hopefully will allow me to sell my products as I don’t like the use of Fbook much for selling 😉



*** Shhhhh, here’s my secret!!! You know a while ago I was on about thinking of getting a new name for my blog, and then having Angel Amethyst for Preemie clothing etc? Well I think I’ve finally got it! I have had a little converstaion with my marketing manager, just kidding she’s my sister but she is studying Marketing and PR in Uni and is pretty good at this kind of stuff, and finally we have agreed on a name and the name is……****


Crochet_boxThis is just a quick mock up drawing, but I wanted you all to have a quick sneak peak at it! 🙂 I have to do some changes etc in photoshop but let me know what you think of the name and the first mock up picture. Thanks as always for reading. Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be


P.S. Can’t believe it’s only a month until Christmas, where HAS this year gone?!!

Belated Halloween/Samhain Wishes and I have a “Proper” Job!!!! 61st post guys!! :D

Well what a week or two it has been!! (If you want crochet keep scrolling until you see the crochet header!)

I have a job, I mean like in an office type of Job that I actually get a regular wage for, it’s only covering someone else until January but still I can make me some cash in the meantime and see how I get on going back to work, 2 days in and I think I’m going to be okay here, the girls are WONDERFUL like amazingly wonderful, and we actually finish dead on time! I have never been in a place so amazing, well the school I worked in is a VERY close second but we never finished on time, there was always something that had to be done, not that I minded I like to do my share, and not leave it to the same one each time, that’s just not fair in my opinion!

Anyway so I think I will be okay here, it’s only 2 days a week (but I had training this week) so next week will be my official first day of “proper” work, it’s been a long Journey but finally I am there, I never thought I would ever get back to this stage, I keep seeing how far I’ve come from not being able to walk more than 3/4 steps at a time to be able to work half an hour into town, up and down the stairs 6/7 times work and still be standing at the end of the day, if I give one person hope that you WILL get better and you WILL be able to get here then I’ll be happy! That’s why I’m posting in here, just so I can give you hope if your reading this and your in my position! I did have to change my diet (Primal, go to mark’s Daily Apple for more info) and I did have to do a little bit of strengthening and yes there were tears (quite a few) and unsympathetic doctors and physio’s but eventually you WILL get there, there IS hope and I BELIEVE in you! But YOU have to WANT to DO IT FOR YOU!! No one else!!

Anyway lecture over, our Halloween was a bit rushed as I finished at 5:00 yesterday and hubby had finished at 3:00 picked up child at 3:30 and then came straight home to make “party” food, we just had a little party yesterday, as I wouldn’t be around to help much, as it happened he did a pretty good job and I’m proud of him, as it’s normally just me and I just get him to do the freezer to oven stuff as he’s good at getting the timings just right so everything ends up being cooked and finished around the same time (I’m so hopeless with that stuff) I love my man so much 😀 But it all came together in the end and we started to eat at 6:00 not bad going eh? 🙂

Anyway we had more than we needed as usual (I really cook to feed an army!) so today it will be leftover lunch, I just love that sat on the living room floor (sometimes with picnic mat!) eating party food, I just LOVE it, and sometimes we even put a film on!

This morning we carved the pumpkin I know it’s a day late but hey I promised little one I would do it, and we did, albeit a little late but he didn’t seem to mind too much, he didn’t like scooping out the “brains” though haha, bless him. But our decorations (put them up Thursday night, glad I did!) look pretty cool, I just used last years, they look just as good this year but little one got a new outfit, but it didn’t fit right which was a shame but it fit of a fashion so he had to be consoled by stressed hubby in the middle of making party food, but by the time I came home, all was done and dusted!


I also had a new witches outfit and it was for a med/large adult. I may be brave and post a pic later!The bodice just covers my bust then It’s sheer where my tummy is (though this part should be more down towards my hips) then the tutu thing is just about covering the top of my thighs and butt (well it doesn’t even cover my butt!) haha! I have to get a pic (don’t worry I’ll wear leggins and a t-shirt so you don’t have to wash your eyes out!!!












Hello this is me *waves Hya* *then watches as you run as fast as you can to in the opposite direction!*….and here is my wonderful fitting outfit, it makes me look like I have a huge tummy but I actually don’t (ANYMORE) I’m not skinny by any means but I’m much slimmer than I used to be, but this outfit would fit my 14 year old sister……just and she is super slim! The torso is made for a much shorter woman and I’m not THAT tall only 5ft 6inch (I shrunk from 5ft 8!) Aldi is good in a lot of ways including prices of stuff but this just took the mick!! 😀 It gaves us a laugh though 😉

CROCHET (at last!!)

Well I have been asked to make some baby toys for a baby mobile, it’s a paid pattern but you can go here to buy it if you like, it’s not too much and the pattern is great with pictures and really really easy instructions to follow! So here are some pics of that!







Dont you think he looks like a Blue Pacman here?


Here are a preview of some of them I have started, they don’t have eyes yet, as I wasn’t sure whether to go with safety eyes but I think I’m going safe and using crochet eyes instead! Watcha think?

Also I decided that my son’s jeans couldn’t last much longer with ripped knees so I decided to fix them, first attempt (DISASTER!) So I tried again, these look better, but then because I’m just a crazy crochet person I HAD to make faces on the knees so on this one he has a monster pulling tongues!

20141029_015 20141029_014







It’s meant to be a cross between Frankenstein and something but I don’t have the knack of making freaky stuff (on purpose!!) so it looks more cutesey! For the other knee I’m going to do a ninja turtle!












Oh and I started on a purse for my sister, looks cute so far this yarn is from my stash and it’ already multicoloured the pattern is from a crochet mag Inside Crochet Issue 51 and the pattern is called  Pretty Penny by Sarah Coad

This is my progress so far, I used a 4.00 mm purse  hook, but I do think it may turn out to be a little big but that doesn’t bother me too much, I think I may go down a hook next time rather than up 🙂

20141101_002 20141101_001











Well that’s all for this week I will try and post next week but you know me, I post when I can get to my laptop and have more than 2 minutes to myself. Lunchtime now, and as hubby didn’t get to do some of the more creative stuff they want me to 😀 haha, I don’t mind!

Good Luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



Tail Ends!

Hello All,

Did THAT get your attention?! Well now I have you attention, I hope you are well firstly and secondly I have a job! Yes a JOB! Well I think I do anyway, pending on references and the like, I’m actually waiting for a phone call to confirm the confirmation I had yesterday so all being well I have a JOB yay! It isn’t crocheting unfortunately and it isn’t working with children like I had been before, but I thought I would go back to my safe old Admin as I know I can do that and I feel confident in doing that too, and hopefully as this is only 16 hours and two days a week I won’t have any problem, I think I probably am more anxious than I should be that’s all 🙂

On top of all this, as most of you who follow my blog know, I am not in the habit of doing anything the easy way, so I had an interview on Friday, Friday afternoon BAM a full blown tail end of a flu, great thinks me, if I get that job I’ll be sneezing my way through the day (as I was meant to start today) luckily If I have confirmation that I have the job I will be starting next Tuesday plenty of time to eat lots of chicken down lots of water and sniff lots of olbas in time to get rid of the bad parts of this flu before starting on Tuesday, hence saving all the office been greeted by not only me but my wonderful germs!!!

As you can imagine getting to write my blog has been a bit difficult and I can only once again apologize  for my lack of posting/blogging! Oh and on top of the above I moved my sister as some low life went and burgled her house, luckily she wasn’t there but the idiots threw all her stuff everywhere so she obviously didn’t feel very safe staying there, and my family and I were all worried sick about her anyway, in case they came back! So the last couple of weeks have been a little hectic (again!)

And here is a picture of the poppy’s I made and  the message of thanks I received  🙂


First when I sent them : –

Hi Abi thank you so much for the poppies which arrived safely this morning they are really lovely you crochet beautifully i have put a pic up of them on the page xx

and then when she sold them 🙂

Just to let you know I sold every single one of your poppies this morning at a local craft fayre thank you so much..

I’m trying to get myself into a routine of updating this blog every Friday or something but it just didn’t want to happen so while it’s blustery outside and I’m inside at home nice and warm, I thought I would update super quick! As I have been busy these last two weeks I haven’t managed for finish much at all. I did however finish the tea-pot cosy,I have nearly finished the tea-pot coy I have to just finish the top off, as I can be a little crazy at times and do things like sew the neck up on a sweater or sew the bottom up on the Teapot cosy (who does that?!!) so I shall finish it soon, and then put up some pics and then I’m hoping it will fit my Gran’s teapot 😉 And secondly I started a baby Jacket, but I’m finding it rather difficult to understand the pattern, I don’t think it’s the pattern makers fault but I’m not into patterns that are too many bits to fit together you know, there seems to be a lot of fastening off where It could have been left and doesn’t really explain what or which seams to add things onto, it could be a combination of my dyslexia and inexperience with baby jackets I’m not sure but the jacket is cute 🙂

Anyway here is how far I have got with the baby jacket, the pattern is in an old crochet magazine called Crochet Today (which apparently has been discontinued :() November/December 2010 it’s called Baby Jacket and it’s by Mari Lynn Patrick (click designer name to go to Ravelry)

20141021_001 20141021_002 I do apologise for the terrible pictures I am still with my old phone, the jacket is a little bit darker than it shows in these pictures.

The yellow yarn was just a guide for me to know where to place the button holes, one arm is sewn on and the other as you can see is work in progress 😉

Here is a close up for you, so you can see the stitching.

20141021_004 20141021_003

And just for randomness here is a picture of a tree we took when we went to a lovely little place called Park Hall, if you live in the UK it’s well worth the money!! I took our 7 year old and my 14 year old animal mad sister with us, we all had a FANTASTIC day(including the adults!)

20141011_013I’ll leave you with this. Good luck in all that you do, harm none

blessed be



P.s. I am going to try and make this but it will probably be after Christmas (or at least after I managed to make all my gifts!) I love it, and think I should be able to replicate it 🙂

bag_inspiration isn’t is beautiful? 😀

Oh Hello October,(UPDATED with PICS!!)

Good day/evening/morning to all, I hope this post as usual finds you well!! I can’t believe we are in October!! Already, where HAS  the time gone? It just seems to have flown by, and I haven’t been able to catch up or my breath!! I have sent the poppy’s I’ve made, and the thanks I got was just so lovely, it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside, like a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s evening snuggled up by the fire!

As for what have I been up to, well not much to be honest, I have all these plans and not a lot to show for it, I can only go as fast as my hands let me, as you can imagine sometimes life just HAS to come first, so I am behind on a few projects I hoped would be halfway to finishing at least (but are yet to be started!) But tonight that is going to change as I have plans for my hot water bottle, cuppa and some series I need catching up on, all of course accompanied by my hook and yarn!

That’s not to say I have slacked completely  I have made a couple of things which are so adorable, well I think so anyway!

A couple of soap cozy’s and some make up pads/coasters/dishcloths whatever use they may be used for, or all as of course cotton is versatile and so very washable.


The above are images of one of the soap cosy’s open, I also showed this so you can see where the button placement needs to be, as you can see it’s not centred as once you have put the soap in it needs to close around it.

And below you can see how they look closed!

20141004_009 20141004_008

Don’t they look cute? well I think so! I think I like the border around better, but as I had no white cotton left I just left the pink like that! The pattern I used was a free pattern, this pattern is written wonderfully with some diagrams to help! It’s great for a quick project or one to do while on the go, and I love it!!

These little wash/make up remover pads are my own pattern apart from the heart shape which I followed instructions for in a magazine (that I can’t find right now!!)

20141004_007 20141004_006

I have just started on a tea pot cosy (I got some cotton yay! ;), that I’m using christmas colours, I’m loving this cotton it’s beautiful and silky feeling, I’m using Wendy Supreme100% luxury cotton (shade 1954 – green) and (shade 1949- red) The red it looks pink on the website but it is a beautiful deep red colour that just reminds me of juicy red berries!

20141004_001This is once all the ends have been weaved in, It hasn’t been blocked or anythig it’s just straight off the hook!

The one below is finished but with ends needed to weave in, I have some more as I had to frog the first one I did, so I have some more ends than I would of had!


20141003_008 This one (left) is once I realised it was a dc not a treble and the shell stitches look much better here!

The tea cosy uses a shell pattern and I was getting frustrated on why it kept curling like an upside down “u” apparently this is because my Foundation Chain is too tight, I thought I would share this piece of information as I have found this useful and didn’t know this before, and in case your having the same problem to combat this you should either

A. Use a bigger hook to make the Foundation Chain

B. Do a SC Foundation Chain (this is like doing a foundation chain and a single crochet but together, so much easier to keep track of how many chains you have done, I LOVE this!)

I opted for B! and I’ve just finished doing my 36ch so I will let you know if this helps! The pattern I am using is a paid pattern, well it’s from an “Inside  Crochet” Magazine that I have, (Issue 51 page 77) and the pattern is called “Shell Stripes  Tea Cosy” By Emma Varnam.

What I failed to realise as I tend to do all my crochet in american terminology (I find it easier, sorry fellow uk’ers)) that this was actually a UK pattern and the treble I was doing should of been a double, I changed it to this and BAM it worked up a treat, but I still had to use a larger hook (5.00mm) as I tend to crochet VERY tight and it was much better, see below for the first finished half 🙂

I am hoping to finish the other half today but I can’t seem to find the tea pot I used to have to measure it up against, so I think I will have to go an borrow someone’s! LOL! Good luck in all that you do. Harm none.

Blessed Be



Lost Phone and Poppy’s Galore!

Hello All,

I’m back!! YAY! Don’t get me wrong I’ve had an amazing week away but I missed my hubby and beautiful boy so much!! I went to Falmouth (in the uk) it is an amazingly beautiful place, but I didn’t just go there for a holiday, I went because one of my little Sister’s was having her graduation ceremony (as in from university, I know in the U.S. it’s a little bit of a different system!) so she is now the very first one of us to have a degree and I’m so very proud of her, She graduated in Fashion Design, she is pretty amazing. My other sister will be graduating next year, but she didn’t go the the end of the country to do hers, so luckily it’s only about 2 hour drive the most! It took us 7 hours to get from where we live to Falmouth! (bit more because we needed to stop for some breaks!!)

Anyway I’m back now and so glad to be here! I’m not sure if I told you all I lost my phone, well I managed to get a new sim card (which arrived the day I went, at 9:30 am, when I was already down the m6! So yeah, missing my family, with no phone, not exactly what I needed!!) but now my sim card won’t work in my old phone, which is pretty annoying! It worked for a little while while I was outside today but then it just won’t work now, so I’m guessing a new phone is going to have to be a MUST HAVE, we could of done without this extra expense but hey ho, these things happen and there’s no point dwelling on them when you can do nothing about it!

I therefore am unsure how many pictures I’m going to be able to put on here, before my phone decides that it no longer wants to do that, so please bear with me while I try and figure this out!

Let’s get back to the title of the post, I am making some Poppy’s for Remembrance day (link to pattern) as it’s celebrating 100 years this year, so while I was away, and when we were travelling down I made a few poppy’s and another pair of wrist warmers (these are for those of you with skinny arms though ;))  If I can get my phone to work there will be pictures of the poppys on this blog 😉

Guess it worked then 😉                         20140914_003

I’m afraid I didn’t get much else done, we did so much in a week it was incredible, we went to Port Issac too, where Doc Martin is filmed if any of you watch that, my mother in law does and a few others I know, but I always forget when these things are on, I’m not a massive T.V. watcher and T.V. series are just my kind of nightmare as I never know when they are on or I just forget so I miss half the story and then I lose interest, or it just goes on and on and one and..well you know what I mean *cough* (LOST!!!) 🙂

Well that’s all I’m posting for tonight I’m going to busy with some projects for the next few days but hopefully I will  be able to show you some more of my work later in the week! Thanks for your patience and for reading my blog, don’t forget to comment and or rate, it means a LOT to me.

Thanks. Good luck in all that you do, harm none

Blessed Be



Wrist Warmers and Sudden Heat Wave!!


Hello All,

I hope this post finds you well, I’m sorry about the lack of update, but my son had his first day at Junior school, I had to pop in to town to get some things for going away and yesterday I lost my phone, properly lost it, as in I think I left it in a shop or dropped it on the way to pick up my son, so I think it is forever gone :/ So I have to take some more pictures of the wrist warmers on my old phone, and I can’t show you pictures of progression, unless by some miracle I have already copied them to my computer, if I have, I shall post them below.

Also I mentioned on my last post I was going to start on the Wrist Warmers which I have done, Finished, I did alter the pattern a little as my arms aren’t skinny and don’t just go straight up, they come out a bit (you know old, fatter that kind of thing ;)) so I increased them so they would fit comfortably, as the person I am giving them to also doesn’t have straight arms, who does? (Pulls tongues at those of you who do!) also as the autumn is sneaking up on us and the weather was getting a little chilly I thought these would be just the job, how strange then for the past couple of days I have took my son to school (he started junior school now!) without a coat, just wearing a t-shirt (and bottoms obviously!) it’s been THAT hot, anyone who has followed my post knows that this is just NOT the done thing for me unless it’s SUPER hot outside, it’s bizarre!!

Wrist Warmers Free Pattern Link

20140904_005 20140904_006

20140904_004 20140904_003

20140904_002 20140904_007

So now I have wrist warmers, which are going to be a Christmas gift, but they won’t be much use if this weather keeps on going, and apparently we are going to have this weather until November at least! So you never know we may be having our Christmas Dinner on the beach this year! haha, how odd!!

This is the dishcloth in progress (W.I.P)

20140904_010 These pictures are from the front and the back, I now the heart isn’t centre but I had to adapt the pattern slightly and miscalculated, it happens 🙂20140904_009

But I have finished them and have started on my dishcloth, which has turned out a little better than I thought it was going to be, as always if you could take two minutes out of your day just to comment and let me know what you think of my crochet things and maybe even just rate this blog, It would be much appreciated (and might send me into a slightly crazy happy high that someone actually reads my blog and likes my crochet stuff!) Thanks.

I probably won’t be posting now until at least 14th September, but hopefully I will have lots of things to show you, so unless I see you before (well you know what I mean!) Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



Update from an Update! (oops forgot pics- they are there now!)

Hi All,

Sorry it took so long for me to get to the computer, between finishing off a present, finishing off the Dragon lovey and taking part of this crazy Ice Bucket Challenge…oh my gosh!! It was FREEZING!!! My little boy said he wanted me to do it, then he would do it too, poor thing cried bless him! x

So finally finished this dragon lovey, I’m still not happy with it 100%,I love the lovey itself I’m just not happy with the Dragons :/ But my Son loves it very much, so that’s all that matters I guess. I had to put two heads on it, because I made the first sewn it on then wasn’t sure, so made the other (at 6am) this morning and asked which he prefered, but he wanted both heads on the Lovey! So he got both heads on the lovey, but he only wanted one tail!

I decided to make the dragon in the colours of the Welsh flag, being welsh and all 😉 I got the pattern for the dragon from Happyberrycrochet.co.uk go check it out, has some free patterns and some nice patterns for sale 🙂

So for you lovely patient people here is the picture you have been waiting for. Let me know what you think 🙂


IMAG1375 IMAG1376











(sorry about the pics they seem to have gone strange and the dragons look more scaly..like REAL Dragons O_O!!!

Here is some more 😀

IMAG1378 IMAG1377











Also I have realised to post and make these gifts each day is going to be impossible, so I shall make then post them or let you know how it’s going (or not going) instead! Hope you can bear with me, but my goal is to make these gifts! Also I am hoping to make some Poppy’s for a charity (for remembrance day as it’s celebrating 100 years this year!)

Next Washcloths and Wristwarmers! Phew!! (scroll down to see the list!)

Good luck in all that you do, Blessed Be



31 Days of Crocheted Gifts List *

*This list is subject to change or maybe be added to, also I will not be blogging for a week from the 6th September to about the 14th September because of some family commitments, but will try and update once this is done, and will try and update every day before then!

  1. Circle Rug – Fluffy (already started)
  2. Dragon Lovey (requested by my son)
  3. Wrist Warmers
  4. Dish Cloths
  5. Hot Pad
  6. Oven Gloves
  7. Scrubbies
  8. Tea Pot Cosy
  9. Granny Square Blanket/Bobble Blanket/Afghan (this might have to change because of the amount of yarn needed!)
  10. Small Square blanket (i.e. Tardis/Mario)
  11. Socks
  12. Train (pattern I have been meaning to make)
  13. Bird house and Birds numbered – 1 to 5
  14. Earrings
  15. Necklace
  16. Rings
  17. Elsa -(the doll)
  18. Scarf
  19. Tote
  20. Plastic Bag holder
  21. Beach Bag
  22. Cuff Links
  23. VW Campervan
  24. Pencil Case
  25. Hook Roll/case
  26. Teddy Hammock
  27. Elsa Cloak
  28. Corsage/Brooch
  29. Stocking (for Christmas)
  30. Key ring

********Also, I have thought of a new name…watch this space!!!!*******

A Disability doesn’t have to be seen to be real!! (and the 31 Crochet Gifts List!)

Today I wanted to share with you the reason why I crochet and also why I’m not working as you get further into this post you will understand the title of this blog, firstly  I see a lot of people crocheting for the same reason(s) in groups. Not only does it give me a purpose as I currently can’t work full time, because of the Virus I had it has knocked my confidence so far back in the gutter that it’s taking a little while to scrape it all back up! But I WILL get there, it’s just taking a little longer THIS time!

If you just want to skip all this writing…. but I really would appreciate it, if you read it, No? still not interested? Then jut scroll to the bottom for the list and the picture of what I have currently started! 

So back to the reason of this post, firstly I crochet because I like it, I taught myself to crochet, I think just after my son was born, I suffered Post Natal Depression, which is probably 99% of a given seeing as I have been battling depression probably from the age of 13 (I just didn’t know it then!!) perhaps earlier, mixture of my shy nature, and a lot of name calling/bullying in school and then crazy teenage hormones and things at home that weren’t going well either! This brings us to the second and third reason why I crochet it keeps my Depression, Anxiety and worries at bay, I put all my feelings and thoughts into my crochet piece (it’s amazing how much you can get done like that!) and the achievement when I have mastered something or completed something is the buzz that I need to keep me from falling off that cliff once again!

My Son is wonderful as is my Husband they understand that I am not always the happy person I show to the outside world, some days I just need to cry and  be grumpy for a couple of hours just to get the horrid Depression and Anxiety off my back, but with Crochet these days are far and few between and getting less and lesss frequent.

Those that have followed my blog from the start know that I had a virus that literally wiped me out, I had to basically work myself  up to walk further than a few steps, so every time I manage to walk far, I feel amazing like I have climbed a mountain.

The Virus was like meningitis, I have yet to have anything like this confirmed but I think this is what it was, but on top of that I think something else happend in that hospital, I think I had some sort of stroke like thing, because when I woke my arms and legs were paralysed, I couldn’t reach the bell because my arms would not move, you have no idea (unless you have been through this!) how terrifying that is, waking up from what was just a terribly stiff neck to not being able to move those weak limbs, I tried to shout but as my Virus had left me with a sore throat (it was like someone had burnt my throat from the inside) I couldn’t shout out either loud enough, to make this worse I was in a room on my own for quarantine …I must of woke 3am ish, must of been because it was the summer and it had been super light early, Not one person came in, until the shift swap at 8 -8.30 am, so as you can imagine I was hysterical by this point,  The nurses were amazing that morning the Male nurse, said don’t worry your going to be fine we have to get the doctor, so they said they would get him, but as with most hospitals they are overworked overstretched and the Doctors man like 3/4 wards at a time, he didn’t see me until 3pm in the afternoon I could now move my right arm from the elbow and my right leg but my left side would not move much at all, I couldn’t lift my arm or my left up, it was pure weakness and scariness I would not wish this on my worst enemy!!

The doctor came got hold of my head moved it around and said well your neck looser than the other day, much better then he walked out, he didn’t even check my arms and legs, didn’t ask questions of what happened, and I couldn’t get my brain and words to work together to say anything plus the sore throat, so that was it! Off he went!

The next day I got another doctor who came in said we think that you didn’t have mumps (duhhh! I have had this 3 times (well 4 but they don’t believe me!)) so you don’t need to be in quarantine anymore, but as they don’t have beds I stayed there but the nurses didn’t have to wear masks and aprons at least, for the next two days, I found a way that I could force myself up (my left leg worked now, but was still extremely weak!) in and out of bed with no help (the night nurses were disgraceful, I don’t even want to scare you with that!) I am dyslexic and I always find a way round things I can’t do like “normal” people, always have always will even if they seem WEIRD to others If it gets the job done, what harm is that? So I used this resource for that. The doctor saw me sitting up one morning (that was hell trying to sit up in the chair for that early really was!) and said that I looked better and I could go home…. my husband was FURIOUS, and so he should of been I shouldn’t of been let out I was still seriously ill, but I couldn’t risk being there any longer, I knew my husband would keep me safe! (doesn’t that sound so wrong?!)

So I went home, months, well no, actually it was probably last year I started to finally turn a corner, with my husband and my mother in law’s help and lots of patience I managed to get walking,and talking again my brain for the first year after this was fuddled and muddled and also my Granddad died of cancer (think it was in 2012!) (my Nana couple of years before – I’m not sure with dates everything is all muddled) Even now my brain lets me down, I want to say something and I can’t think of the word, for example I’ll say to my husband can you pass me the water thingy, I mean Jug and I just can’t get the word out! Other days I will stutter or I just can’t say what I want to say, it’s just me going ..Hi can you. ijk,fign;l 9ij plejkj ase , so I have to try and repeat what I want to say a few times, other days I slur and sound like a drunk (I don’t drink, I don’t like the taste!) so my confidence has dived even further than before, how can I go back to teaching children if no one understands me or I can’t remember the name for a duck?

So this is why I’m currently not working, oh and just so you know I’m not claiming any benefits either, my husband is just supporting me, I’m lucky he is in that position, but we have to be careful with money as you can imagine, so crochet also helps keep gift costs down, because I use the yarn I have (or that I buy with birthday money) to make gifts! I hope people realise that I think hard of what they like and try to make things individual to them, and how much work I put into these hand made gifts, but I’m sure they do. x 🙂

So now you know why I crochet, it gives me a purpose that work would normally give me and it gives me something to focus on! I have thought about going back to work and I really would like my own money, but then it also comes to the point of the exhaustion that I suffer, it’s like climbing 10 mountains in a day and not having a break, then trying to do it all the next day, as you can imagine your body is just super tired! Also I still have problems with my left side, if I use my arm too much (like now I have typed this my hand is starting to just give up!) or walk too much, I start to drop things and trip up.

But I wanted to give you an insight into this because even though I have yet to have a name for what happened, (it wasn’t R.A.) I am just trying to keep on track trying to keep going, and I appear “normal” on the outside but I’m really not at all really, I still struggle with been on my own, I can’t sleep on my own in case I wake up and it has happened again, I need soemone to be in the house to check on me, germs are also another issue I have had to deal with, for the first year and a half after this Virus, because my immune system was pathetic everywhere I went if someone would have a sniffle I would get a full blown flu, sinus infection ear infection (it got so bad once my ears bled!) I started carrying around those hand gel pens and bottles like they were gold dust, even now if someone dosen’t wash their hands when they are finished  in a public toilet I feel super anxious, I have to put my hand in a sleeve and open the door then when I get home that goes straight in the wash, If I can bear wearing it for that long, or I use a tissue then I have to hand gel my hands, in a restaurant if the knife and fork look even slightly dirty/water dropped I get the vinegar and napkin and wipe them, it’s crazy but it helps me feel less anxious!

Some of these things I haven’t even admitted to my sisters or parents but I think people should be aware that sometimes trauma can come from something as simple as this thing it doesn’t always have to be military based or similar, it can be something as small as this! , so please don’t assume that just because you can’t  see someone’s disability it isn’t real!!

I was going to do this post about depression but my fingers started to write this, so I will write about depression another time!  And for those just needing a crochet fix this is what I have been up to!

To break if up here is a picture..or two first 🙂

This is a fluffy rug I am making it’s all in single crochet no pattern I just started a circle and am increasing as I go, I’m currently on 20 stitches and two Sc in one stitch which equals an increase, once I get back to the beginning (I have a safety pin as my marker!) it will be 21 stitches and two sc in one stitch, and so on! I’m just using up my scrap fluffy yarn 🙂

IMAG1365 IMAG1368








31 Days of Crocheted Gifts List *

*This list is subject to change or maybe be added to, also I will not be blogging for a week from the 6th September to about the 14th September because of some family commitments, but will try and update once this is done, and will try and update every day before then!

  1. Circle Rug – Fluffy (already started)
  2. Dragon Lovey (requested by my son)
  3. Wrist Warmers
  4. Dish Cloths
  5. Hot Pad
  6. Oven Gloves
  7. Scrubbies
  8. Tea Pot Cosy
  9. Granny Square Blanket/Bobble Blanket/Afghan (this might have to change because of the amount of yarn needed!)
  10. Small Square blanket (i.e. Tardis/Mario)
  11. Socks
  12. Train (pattern I have been meaning to make)
  13. Bird house and Birds numbered – 1 to 5
  14. Earrings
  15. Necklace
  16. Rings
  17. Elsa -(the doll)
  18. Scarf
  19. Tote
  20. Plastic Bag holder
  21. Beach Bag
  22. Cuff Links
  23. VW Campervan
  24. Pencil Case
  25. Hook Roll/case
  26. Teddy Hammock
  27. Elsa Cloak
  28. Corsage/Brooch
  29. Stocking (for Christmas)
  30. Key ring

I have done some extra ones here

  1. Bobbles/Scrunchies/hair tyes
  2. Tie
  3. Little Cottages
  4. Rattle
  5. Hoody (for baby)
  6. Barbie Clothes
  7. Barbie Shoes

Well I hope this post found you well and I wish you good luck in all that you do, if you have anything to add to this list or something I may of missed just drop me a comment below. Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



Update! I have started on the Dragon Lovey and so you know that I do make these things myself I recorded myself Crocheting (WOW! Didn’t know my hands moved that fast!) but I’m afraid I’m unable to put it on here, so if you want go have a look at my Fbook crochet Album  here!


When The Cowl’s Come Home! (like what I did there? :P)

Hi All,

Hope your all well, when I say this I actually mean this by the way, I am genuinely interested if your well or not, and hope you really are, I’m not just saying it only out of politeness, I just want you all to know that 🙂

I actually wrote this post last week but as we have been doing some furniture replacing, (Translation – moving furniture around to make the place look better!) and as we went to Ikea and it felt like we bought the shop!! We have been making furniture for the past 3 days and then re-arranging everything so everything now has a place to live, which is exactly someone like me who mainly because I’m dyslexic and possibly a slight fact that I’m an Aquarius, am VERY VERY un- organzied I need it to be like this so it is easier for me to keep the house clean and tidy and keep on top of things, we have found that this technique works best for me and my family understand that, and my husband works hard to help me keep on top of things, he is amazing, he really is, but don’t tell him, he might get a big big headed and think he’s off the hook from getting any more shiny new furniture 😉

So  apologies firstly for now posting the post last week the main reason I didn’t was because I had to upload some pics and I couldn’t find my USB or I couldn’t find my phone at the same time, (see what I mean, no organization!) and secondly for it being so late! I would have been early too by the way 🙂 Today, well tonight is the first time I’ve even put the computer on!

So As I said we made furniture and sorted out the rooms, so we went from this lovely mess to ….

From This...











This! Much better don’t you agree? I did this after sorting my son’s room out, I didn’t take pics of that so can’t show you the difference but put it this way..this was nothing compared to what I had to sort in his room!!

To This!

To This!












*****Apologies for the spacing it doesn’t show like this when I’m writing!!!*****

So on to the real reason you popped into this post anyway, the COWL! I haven’t made one of these before so I was a bit nervous but I thought, what the heck let’s try it, and if all fails and I don’t think it’s suitable perhaps someone out there would like it, halfway through I was going to give up, but I carried on and now I think I have finally fallen in love with it 😀 I love it when that happens!!

I hade been working on it  today while we went on the ferry to Ireland, we haven’t been before, but there was an offer on the ferry for £5.00 each to go on the fast ferry, to go on the boat, dock but not disembark and then come back home, as our little one hasn’t been on the ferry or a proper boat we were unsure whether he was going to be a “puker” or not (sorry couldn’t find a nicer word ;)) luckily we have now found that he is fine, and has more guts than his Mama, he stood on the deck looking down into the sea, while mama held on to the door for dear life and only lasted about 50 seconds (and that may be exaggerating!) so he is fearless and not a puker ..cool 🙂 So next time if the offer is there next year we shall go to Ireland for the day 😉 Can NOT wait 🙂

Anyway I went off track again…projects I have been up to..firstly I finally completed the cowl,

Cowl_ with hood up Cowl from side







The picture on the left is of the Cowl (which is more like a Snood!) when it is up as though used as a hood, don’t you think it looks a bit spooky like this? 🙂


The Second picture is from the side. I am using a Wig Stand 🙂


IMAG1351 IMAG1353








I do hope you can forgive me for the bad picture but it was the only way to show you how it looks on, and still I don’t think I’ve put it on right, that’s what bad lighting and taking a picture in the mirror does 😉 But I’m sure you get my drift! 🙂

When I decided to make my friend the cowl, I didn’t know what yarn to use, but I  remembered I had some lovely chunky green yarn that has been dying for me to use it..seriously it was talking to me saying

“Please I’m stuck in the box please make something out of me…I’ve been stuck in here since you made a pillow cover at christmas, I want to be made into something!!” So I had to oblige, I felt sorry for the poor chunky yarn 😉

…and also these little cuties…please forgive me for using yarn balls to bulk up these little knickers..they did not fit my doll, so this was the best way to display them hahah!

IMAG1339 IMAG1338





















And just for the fun of it, I thought I would share this picture of them both with you, just because it made me giggle ..just a little 😀













On another note I’m going to mention that word that sends fear into the hearts of parent’s and grandparents alike..yes…CHRISTMAS! (OH! I said it :P), well I realised I’m probably going to be Wayyyyyyy behind as usual, now I have seen this challenge on word press going around about doing 31 days of blogging but instead of just blogging (which I will hopefully do too!) I thought I would make 31 different projects that will be great for Christmas Gifts….now this sounds fun and simple but this is harder than you think because I like to make everyone’s present as individual as possible, not only that but my Sister is Graduating in September so she needs a special gift too, and then they both (of my sisters, the one that’s graduating and the other who graduates next year)  have their birthdays then too, so I need 3 presents on top of Christmas presents!!

So to do this challenge I shall firstly have to narrow down what I’m going to make, but dish cloths and pot holders are definitely on the cards this year! As is a Teapot cosy I have been dying to make for a few years but didn’t feel experienced enough to do..but I do NOW!! Also if you want to join me doing this feel free, maybe you can do the same as on my list (which I will post ASAP -Or as soon as I think what to make!) or feel free to also add your own ideas, I would love to see your pictures and ideas and projects, Just comment below!!!

So this is all for today. Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.




P.S. I just thought I would sneak this in here, if you have a child like mine, who always needs something to do or to keep his brain going, here is a few things you could try (it’s what I do with my son!) Why not get a history book (or you could use google, just make sure you supervise O_O!!!) Write on a piece of paper the page number they need to turn to and put questions in like…”Who did Henry the 8th Marry?” or something like that so they have to find the answers I did that with my son with a couple of books, history and first aid and then I told him the story of the Trojan War and of Pegasus (the flying horse) I asked him to draw a picture of the Divine flying horse (which he hadn’t seen before, and you know he knew the horse was white, isn’t that funny?) Also as the last lesson I asked him to draw a picture of himself (a self-portrait) while looking in the mirror and to make sure he had all the details correct, like his eyes the right height and any freckles or spots he had, you want to see the picture? Course you do!!

Here is his picture 🙂











Not Bad for a 7 Year Old is he? He has two big front teeth at the moment and I think he is a bit self conscious about them, so he drew them outside of his lips, but he doesn’t actually have them like that, I found that interesting. He drew the little mark (I think it was some dirt he had got from playing earlier) that was on the bridge of his nose too. I love this so much! But then it was MY turn!! He wanted me to do a Self portrait of me, it has been years since I have done this.. I was in high school last time and oh my gosh do I look OLD!!  So I leave you with this very disturbing Image of me and I bid you goodnight! I will be working on that gift list, if you have any input just comment below! Thanks again for reading  this VERY long post. Nos Da (Goodnight in Welsh)


A day early..aren’t I good to you? :)

Hello again

Well I have been typing away on this computer I suddenly felt very focused and refreshed, strange considering I only managed to go to bed after 12 last night..one word…Sims! I f you have ever played Sims you will understand how and why the time ran away with mne! Also I woke at 7 am this morning as we were FINALLY getting a new tv, we have been using one borrowed from my Dad (thanks Dad :)) but when I watch certain things because the telly is that old, you can’t either see the sides of people building etc or the top of people’s heads, which is funny but wearing! So we had to get up as the tv was being delivered early…very very silly of me I know 😛

IMAG1302IMAG1301Left Pic – Shows the bookmark in place when the book is opened

Right Pic – Shows the bookmark in place when the book is closed. (the white string)









As I promised last week I do have the Tardis bookmark pattern,  click here and it will take you straight to the Tardis Bookmark Pattern! _ Crochet With Angel Amethyst pattern or you can get it on Ravelry and you will be able to message me on there too!!

I had to make another bookmark (apart from the one I made my sister!)  and I tried to write it down as I went along so if you try it and find a fault PLEASE PLEASE tell me and I will see if I can sort it out thank you. This not only helps you, but helps me become better at designing and creating my own patterns 🙂

EXPERIMENTS WITH THE CHILDREN! If you try any of these I will not be responsible for any loss damage or common sense gone awry, if you do any of these experiments all children must be supervised by a responsible adult I will not be liable, thanks, legal type stuff done, let’s see what happened!

I also promised to tell you about the experiments I did so here is a little summery to tell you what worked and not and how much fun they were 🙂 Seriously they were fun!! 🙂

the experiments I did with my son and his friends, let me tell you about something that didn’t work first!

We have this experiment folder and it gives you ideas of what to do, now you know those fruit shoot bottles? The olde ones with the olde lids would of been perfect but since they have changed the lids from those with two holdes in the lids to some kind of weird sucky lid (apparently they are no meant to leak..HA!)

Anyway the experiment was to make this type of bottle into a water rocket, but beause the cap wasn’t right it just didn’t work, my sister and I tried it while my son was at his nanny’s, your meant to fill it 3/4 and then pump it up with a footpump , yeah that didn’t work AT ALL, so we gave up with that one.

Experiment two, make jellies in funnels then once done put them on the plate to look like volcano’s …now in theory this looks awesome, we used a grape to stope the liquid (before the jelly set) in the funnel it works a treat 😛 Then we put them in the fridge overnight (it has to be overnight guys!) now the idea with these was to make a hole in the centre fill with bicarb/baking soda (I guess they both will probably work) then inject (the injection type medicine spoon works well if you don’t have a baster!) in to the side and it’s meant to bubble up, but our jelly split so it kinda didn’t work great but I think if it hadn’t of done it would of worked fine as we tried the same things (bicarb/baking soda and vinegar!) in a cup and it bubbled up and over like it SHOULD of done in the volcano. Oh and you can add food colouring if you so wish..we added yellow 😛 (so don’t throw out that out of date food colouring and Bicarb/Baking Soda…there is so much you can do with them ;)) *** Please do supervise children if you are doing this experiment I would not like them to ingest the contaminated jelly or even the other stuff to be honest, please use your common sense*** Thanks safety rant over 😛
Then we tried the Mintoes and Cola (buy the cheap diet it works just as good!)

So we got diet cola (asda make if your interested) Mintoes and the first time I tried it I wasn’t really conecnetrating to it kind of got me and the table (lucky we were outside!) so when we did it with the little ones I kept them a bit further back so they didn’t get soaked with cola, and I made sure I was looking for when the cola started to fizz, it went up like an amazing cola fountain we had a lot of oohhhh’s and Ahhhh’s and yeahhh’s …so I think it went down a treat, sadly I hadn’t gone and got another bottle it would of been nice to try it again…just note that the mintoes do end up in the bottle!! ***ADULT SUPERVISION!!****

So I think 1 and 1/2 out of 3 is’nt bad 😛 I can’t wait to see what we can try next!!

As for the Spa day I was meant to have, I just don’t think it’s ever meant to be every time I get the opportunity something comes up. *sigh* Oh well. This time my sister said she had been too busy to book it or whatever so I didn’t get to go this time either haha, see it’s just NOT meant to be!!!!!

I’m afraid I still haven’t made a bag for my friend I just don’t think It is the right present for her after all so I might make her a nice warm scarf or some gloves, I saw some nice biker gloves that I could make her in a magazine.

As for the projects I’m working on, my head is full of things I want to work on I have put on Ravelry some things I’m hooking but am yet to start and I have decided to make some frilly bloomers for my sister’s doll in the meantime, then I’m going to go back to making things to sell, I got to get myself some kind of income!

I’m also still working on a name..I think I may have one…and on that bombshell it’s time to say goodbye 😀

Good luck in all that you do harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be


I will upload more pics next week!

Hello All,

Hope this post as always finds you well!! I have been super busy this week had my youngest sister staying with us and we have been busy busy busy!! I have done little crochet this week, I did however make another tardis keyring and a tardis bookmark (now that was so fun and super simple..instructions will be here next week!!!) I am hoping to make a friend of mine a bag but I am thinking I will have to make it out of scrap yarn, so I’m just contemplating on how and what type of bag I shall make with said yarn!!!

I just wanted to check in with you all so you know I haven’t literally fallen off the planet I’m still here just super busy, my son has a VERY VERY hectic social life I can tell you!!!!

Well that’s all for now just a quick ramble and not much to say, but I will upload some pics next week of the bookmark..if I remember to take some (or I shall make another ;)) either way there will be some pics!

Also I will let you know all about some experiments I tried when my son had his friends over for the day!

Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



OH and I might be going to a Day Spa for the first time ever on sunday…and no I can’t wait, I’m looking forward to a nice warm pool to ease my terribley aching muscles 😛 Let you know how it goes and if I even got there 😉

Update! (finally, sorry took so long!) Unicorn Lovey :)

Hello All, Hope this post find you all well as always 🙂

I’m sorry it took so long to get this finished, it just wasn’t working out how I wanted, I finally settled on just making the Unicorn head, and that worked much better, sometimes these things take trial and error before we can  be happy with them!

I am also trying to crochet in between entertaining my very bright 7 year old, he needs to be doing something constantly, so once I get him settled I get to crochet but some days he just wants his Mama’s time, and who am I to deny him that? 🙂 I know time is running out, before I know it he will not want to be with his Mama or play, so I have to make the most of it 😀

Anyway without further ado, here  is the pictures of the Unicorn Lovey, please excuse the bad lighting I wanted to post it tonight as you have been so patient with me!

IMAG1242 IMAG1243











Oh I am sure you have noticed that I have watermarked my pictures, it’s sad we have to do this but some people think it’s okay to pinch you pictures and then advertise like they have made the things you have…sigh, it’s such a shame :/ So if you need a quick and easy watermarking program this one is pretty good and easy, and quite basic.


You can upload pics from your computer or/and from your facebook and then download them again with your watermark imprinted on you pictures. The only catch I can find so far is you can only watermark 2 pictures at a time (same with download) but that’s not bad for peace of mind now is it? 😀 Enjoy 🙂

Here is some more pics of the Unicorn Lovey

IMAG1240 IMAG1241











IMAG1239 IMAG1238











It’s a shame the light isn’t better, the horn looks better in real life than it does there I promise, but I’m quite happy with this now 🙂 Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your patience. Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be




Storm Trooper – Angry Birds Pig….Pictures included!

Sorry it took a while, and I got a bit lost during the pattern so I shall make another to make sure the messed up scribbles I have written down on scraps of paper (no I am NOT kidding!) actually do make sense and work, then I shall post it here for your lovely people who have been so patient.


This is the picture I have used as a base (requested by my son!)









And here are some pictures of the finished result,



IMAG1201 Stormtrooper_pig











IMAG1199 IMAG1198











IMAG1197 Stormtrooper_pig











I am quite happy with it but I am just a little hesitant about the nose I think it needs to be flatter than it is, I have squished it (sewn) it down a bit more but hey my son loves it…and now he wants me to make an angry bird to go with it haha! ( I love the fact he thinks I can make anything though ;))

Please let me know what you think. Thanks for being patient. Good luck in all that you do. Harm none and do as though will.


Blessed Be





Help with Meadow Cardigan – UPDATED and Updated With Final Pictures!!

I found a model 🙂


IMAG1165 IMAG1166 IMAG1167 IMAG1168










Updated and with Final/completed Pictures

As you can see the button edging is too far to the right, next time I will make sure this is straighter, also the bottom is not MEANT to be frilly like that but I know what went wrong now so next time it will be straighter, but I think it’s kinda cute 😛

The Arms one is a little different from the other but I explained that below, but overall I don’t think I did too much of a shabby job considering it’s the first time I’ve done clothing from a magazine pattern.

I’m pretty pleased with myself I must say haha. 🙂


IMAG1163 IMAG1164











UPDATE!! Cardigan Nearly Finished, just need’s  buttons and weaving in the ends etc;) By the way I am  making the 6-12 months one!

Here are some updated pics!!

Last night before I finished all the edging… The scissors and Hook is to show where the button holes are, I think I may of done them the opposite side but hey I don’t mind if you don’t 🙂








This is the results now before I’ve put buttons and weaved in ends etc

The left arm I think is probably right and the right is wrong (only by a bit) but this is a learning curve and I will know how and what to do next time, I always make a sample of clothing first so I can iron out any of my kinks with using a pattern and where I’ve gone wrong etc, etc 🙂 (I can’t help myself!)







Left Arm and now you can see the difference between the two arms (see the right is a lot larger at the cuff but the left looks more shaped!)



This picture below shows the button holes (on left side) The left picture shows it together as you can see it’s got a little wave but with blocking that should be a LOT better 🙂 This is when you need to block guys 😉

IMAG1147 IMAG1145



And here you can see the the  edging all around, what you think? 😀 Now what buttons shall I sue (I’m ridiculously excited about this!!)

IMAG1153 IMAG1154









So I am making this lovely
Meadow Cardigan which is in Inside Crochet magazine Issue 54 and I’m just doing the bottom part but I think I must be doing it wrong as it seems to start being ruffley as though I have increased too much, I wonder why, This is the first pattern I have tried from the magazine for clothing, so it’s a bit tricky but I’m sure I will eventually figure it out. The designer got in touch with me on raverly and I thought it was so lovely she said if I need any help to get in touch so that was nice 🙂


Here are some pics of it so far…


So this is what it looked like before I started the Lower Body and before I sewed the shoulder seams together

IMAG1122 IMAG1121







Then I starte to do the lower body and you can see what I mean about the frilly part can’t you? Don’t understand what I’ve done wrong as it said to do the two trebles in one (which is known as v stitch in this pattern) and then it said to do  1tr in the ch1, maybe I misunderstood, it’s gonna bug me now, but oh well, I’ll see how it turn out 😛

Please ignore the mess cluttering up the picture, It’s my “working space” 😀

IMAG1123 IMAG1124











I used these two patterns





IMAG1125 IMAG1126 IMAG1127 IMAG1128 IMAG1129

I’m on Raverly!!!!!



That’s my link to Raverly, if your not a member I really think you should sign up, you get lots of free patterns and you can also see pictures of people who have used the patterns and put their own twists on them (sometimes it’s amazing what people can do) Not only that but you can also buy patterns from here too!!

My free patterns are also being put on here too but for now I’m just linking Snowdrop Dreams 🙂




Feel free to have a nosy! 🙂



And a little plan, I have just might become reality :)

Hello All,

I hope this finds you all well, I have been busy trying to make samples of things off a list I have devised for things to sell at a craft fair!

It’s going rather well, but I need to stop giving them away, I wanted to know how fast I could make them, if they were simple an if they would probably sell, if they past those three questions then I shall be making more 🙂

I’m going to post a couple of pics now of what I worke on an then another later (If I get time to come n here and post, like I said I’ve been a rather busy lady!)

So here are the things I have worked on this week! (and Completed!!)


A Bag I made by sewing 8 Granny Squares together and then I sewn round them an then joined both panels together, Then I made the handle separately and sewn it on. I like it, don’t think it’s bad for my first time, it’s off to a new home tomorrow though 🙂


This is the “lovely” I made an the start of the making of it as well!!



Image Dr Who’s Tardis, very loved by my son, but the keyring kept coming out, am working on a solution, can’t sell them if they do that now can I?!




Few more angles on the bag for you 🙂

Well that’s all for today hope you like what I’ve posted, let me know what you think of my work, I could really do with some feedback and constructive criticism!! 😀

Sorry for neglecting you…but I’ve been busy and.. I have proof!!!!

Hi all,

Sorry for making you wait so long for another post, I have had such a hectic home life at the moment, there have been trips and days out and activity’s and all that kind of family stuff that doesn’t give much time to put on a laptop and type up a post worth posting, and I would rather make you wait (sorry!) a little longer so I can take my time to post a proper little post with some pictures included, so here I am!!

As you may or not know (why not, you not been reading my posts? Tut Tut) it was my mum’s birthday, and I was making her a parasol, well it was a LOT of hard work and she still ended up getting it 6 days later, but I really really didn’t want to rush it, so with no further ado here is one of my most accomplished pieces I have ever done and I’m so proud of myself, I so wanted to give up so many times but knowing that it was for my mum and knowing that she would love it (or I hoped she would) made me more determined to keep on going and here it is ….



Sorry it has my shadow on, I have tried to find a tutorial to take it off, if you know please send me info on how/where to get free tutorial to remove the shadows of my hands!! I have no pattern for this as It was all my own freestyle type crochet 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Well as I realised I would NOT be ready in time for my Mum’s birthday I needed something else didn’t I? So I crochet her some “everlasting bouquet” of flowers, If I remember where I got the pattern (as I mix and match sometimes!) I shall post the link but for now feast your little eyes on these beauties : –



The Blue flowers are made with sparlking yarn, they are Sooo glittery but you can’t see them in the picture much, the ones in the bottom of the cup were spare ones, and I crocheted around a straw (as I seem to have thousands of these and not much pipe cleaners) with green for the stalks 🙂

There was meant to be another bit for the middle of the flower I believe but I liked them more like this 🙂

I have been to a little buffet today held for a lovely friend of mine, who is retiring from the work place after 40 years of service she will be sorely missed, she is such a lovely and generous person and has 3 cats, so I thought I would make her a little *keyring, and here is the workings and the result….ImageImage




Isn’t that the cutest kitty? So as you can see I haven’t been slacking while I have been away, oh and in between this my arthritis played up but that was just a SMALL blip on the radar now 😉

So my next project is something from a REALLY REALLY big and current movie…she wears a blue dress….Sings something like…Let it go?…..:) Know what it is yet?

Well until next time (which hopefully won’t be as long as last time!) Take care and good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



*Keyring is also known as Keychain I have recently found out 🙂

Good Morning! Sunshine’s out and the Rain is in :/

Good Morning all,

(or afternoon, evening etc ;)) Yesterday we had a thunderstorm and we so needed it but it was strange, normally here in Britain we have a thunderstorm, there’s lightening and thunder and torrential rain and then that’s it, but for some reason it keeps stopping clearing up then going dark torrential rain and thunder and lightening again, it was really really strange, then this morning LOAD more rain (instead of clear like normal) also our rain is dirty, normally the rain is just well water, but it’s like dusty rain, it’s the weirdest weather this year already, in fact last year was a bit odd with the snow too, but anyway I just thought I’d share that! haha

My Sister is hosting (is that the right word?) putting her collection on her first fashion show in college today as she is a Fashion Designer student and she is graduating this year after 3 years of hard work, tears and hell (I’m not kidding she has been through hell!!) But she is an amazing little star, and I’m super proud of her, she kept on going and hasn’t given up, I can’t wait to see the pictures, my other sister promised to take lots for me, I’m not going as my son is in school hubby in work and I’m looking after my younger sister as she has exams (I have a few 😉 Sisters)

Anyway on to crochet 😉 Here is what I’m up to so far, I am this far on the “parasol to be”

ImageImage I’m liking it in these pictures but am still unsure about the “tassle type thingies”

Also in between I told you about the hairband I had made? Well I sew it together and the little girl was very happy, then I made another for her 2 year old sister but I think I needed to make it a little bigger as the band fitted the baby rather than the 2 yar old sister so here are the hairbands finished 🙂

headbandFlwr_1 copy headbandflwr_2









Please tell me what you think of these photos, I tried to make them with a little less busy background!

And this is the first one finished, that you saw but didn’t see it sewn together 🙂 ‘scuse my head in the picture thought I’d put a photo separate but I hadn’t and now it’s gone so ….yeah! sorry 😛 (what you think of the updated picture?)


headband_rose1 copy











and just to end my post, as the sun means so much, I had to share some pics 🙂

ImageImageImage They are doing work on the beach not sure what but that explains the digger and weird poles I hope 🙂

Well now I have to carry on with this parasol I have until sunday 25th may to get it done, well actually the day before as I will need to give it to my mum then!! Wish me luck, Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be





Just (another) Quick Update

Hello my lovely people I hope this post finds you all well, I am up to my eyes with family, trying to keep active and also start to draw again, and my R.A. has been attacking my hands a little so I’ve had to take a short break from Crochet, Also my laptop had a bit of a fit, and decided it didn’t like not being used for a week or so, and it basically wouldn’t let me log in and wouldn’t start up etc properly, I’m hoping this little hiccup has been sorted and my apology to my laptop accepted 😉 In between these awful hand attacks I am trying to make that parasol for my Mum, unfortunately there won’t be a pattern this time around as I’m just winging it seeing how it turns out, I’m not sure if it’s even going to make the cut, but you will be the first to know if it does!!

In addition I am thinking of making some earring for my mum and making a pretty box for them to go in, and something else but it has literally slipped my mind right at this minute while I’m typing (why mind? Just WHY?!)

That’s all I have to say currently but I will try and keep you updated.


On another note, Ali P has come back to haunt me, so I have a nice bald patch on my crown  (diggin the monk look, what? didn’t you know it was in fashion?!) and some lovely bald patches on the left side of my head (why my left side? how weird!) so I’m having to try and cover them with the little (and thinning) hair I currently have left, and No I am NOT impressed! I don’t even feel stressed for heaven sake, I’m actually feeling more contented than  I have in years!!!! Weird!!!! Oh well, let’s hope it will realise it can’t beat me and get the hell outta here, I would like my long hair back please!!!!!


As most of you know I have been eating primal, I no longer eat, bread, chocolate, biscuits cakes etc, but recently I had some as it was my hubby’s birthday, but the very next day I went back to eating mostly primal and just had a couple of choc fingers and some birthday cake (it was toooo scrummy to pass up!!) and you know what I still lost a pound! Yeah!! I’m so pleased, I have now lost a STONE!! A WHOLE STONE in weight!!! in 2/3 months that’s with a couple of days of holidays/ parties etc in between where there has been no option but to eat stuff that isn’t exactly fully primal, but for me, this is a miracle!!! When I feel confident enough I may put my weight loss pictures up but for now…your all gonna have to wait!

Good luck in all that you do, harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be



Just a Quick Update!!

Hi All,

I hope this post finds you well, what an amazingly busy two week with my son and hubby I have had, I feel like I hadn’t had much time to breathe, finally most of my projects are done, but yet again another birthday (my mum’s) is coming up and I want to make her a parasol (yep I’m yet again cutting it fine!!) also I need to finish this minion’s overalls, it’s driving me nuts that I keep having to put it on a back burner, but priority’s have to come first!

Anyway on Sunday some of you if you have been following my posts knew I was going to Comic Con convention (I think I mentioned it?!) Anyway we went had an absolutely AMAZING time and my son got to meet the current artist of Dennis the Menace, he also illustrates in the Dandy as well as the Beano, he was lovely to my son, spent so much time having a GREAT chat with him like he had all the time in the world, then they drew together, my son is STILL on a high 3 days later, so THANK YOU Mr Henry Davies!!!

Well I managed to sew the jumper I made for my son together , and this is the result …


This is me just checking it fits, gets the thumbs up 🙂











I wanted to make sure the stripes Flowed!

Joe_denis2 copy










And the collar doesn’t look too bad here either.

Joe_denis1 copy












And here we are in Comic Con with the Bumblebee car (from Transformers) Dennis’s hair had become a bit flatter by then, Thanks to the two gentlemen who were great with my son and let us take this picture! Wales comic Con ROCKS!! (oh and hubby photo bombed the picture! haha)

Please let me know what you think. Below I am going to summarise what I think went well and what went wrong and what would make it better, keep reading if you want, but it’s mainly for my own record! Oh if you want the pattern for the jumper just go to a couple of posts back, it’s in PDF format! (I will try and organize the pages when I figure out HOW!)


Time – There never seems to be enough, but I think I should of started about a month before so I could of made more tweaks!

I think overall the jumper making went well seeing as it’s my first pattern I made from scratch and it’s to fit a real person, I’m glad I made a sample one for the baby doll first!

The best bits

I liked the fact it worked up pretty fast once I’d got past the arms.

The Bad Bits

Changing colours can be a pain when i’ts something like this, but it was SO worth it. I think the worse bit about doing this jumper was the collar, I just couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted it, I tried to make it smaller but as my son has a rather LARGE head, it wouldn’t go over so I had to leave the collar a little more open than I actually wanted to, next time I think I would like to make more of a “Turtle Neck” collar but with a bit more stretch in it, I know that the Double Crochet I was using in between the Single Crochet would of made it stretchy but it then creates bumbs and it doesn’t look so tidy so I definitely have to look in to that!

HOW to make it BETTER

I think next time I will give my self and extra inch on either side of arms and body as it was pretty skin tight, my son could wear a vest under it (and it’s rather warm so that’s probably good thing!) but if it was cold it wouldn’t be THAT practical if he couldn’t wear a t-shirt under it, so I think it would need to be just a little looser on the arms and body and maybe an extra couple of inches on each and every stripe down, then instead of sewing it together I would be able to whip stitch it maybe, I didn’t do it this time as I know from doing my example that it doesn’t give much of a stretch to get over head and arms in etc, I will really need to make another one of these but maybe I’ll just make a block colour one first and see how I get on with that!


Overall I’m quite pleased with my effort and my Son thinks I’m the Best MAMA in the WHOLE WORLD and the cleverest, so I think he might of been pleased 😉 that is all I need to know my effort was worth it! Now for my next challenge!!!!

Thanks for Reading, good luck in all that you do, I hope you enjoyed my short (but long?!) post. Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be




Mario Stars , Charts and a ‘Snuggle Cuddle’ (oh and a free pattern!)

Hello All,

I know I said I wasn’t going to post for a while but I have had a little project in between the jumper I’m making, it was a little bit of a last minute gift, so I am going to post it here for you to see, I hope you like it, I know one of the stars are a little stretched but it’s my first try and I was happy with and the Child that received it as a gift was also happy and even took it to bed with him, to me that equals a result 😉 So with no more ado here we go…:-

This first Picture is of the ‘Snuggle’ being made and all the ends I have had to weave in, I don’t like doing them as I go along in case I go wrong and have to frog it (rip it out) and then it would be a nightmare trying to un- weave those ends!!! (EEK!!)

Can you IMAGINE the ends? haha,

Can you IMAGINE the ends? haha,


This image is of it all finished, I have folded up the sides so you can see the stars clearer, it IS the same on both sides, they are meant to be “Mario” stars.



UPDATE: –  Hello forgot to tell you how I made this ‘Snuggle’ Firsty :-

I chained about 100 – 150, then

sc into each of them,

ch2 dc, and I just dc (american terms!) all the way around

ch2 at each end,

and dc in first stitch then along row, including the pattern/chart,

feel free to check out the FREE chart below* and see the amazing hat it came from, why not make both a hat and a ‘Snuggle’ for those cute little ones in your life 🙂

*If you are wondering where I got the “Star” chart from it’s actually a chart for an amazing hat (that is on a list of things to do!) but I used it for this instead, Find it here: – MARIO CHART * Please note the pattern for ‘Snuggle’ is my own and I don’t mind you adapting etc as long as you don’t pinch my name for it and be courteous and give us a link back here would you? 🙂 Thanks. (copy and paste below)


This is for the hat itself (it’s worth checking out!)

Well that’s all for tonight’s post everyone thanks for looking and also thanks for all you wonderful people who are following my blog I think your all lovely, I’m up to 20 followers that is AMAZING and it’s all thanks to all of you! Please Rate and Comment on the bottom of my page/blog, would LOVE to know what you all think 🙂

Good luck in all that you do as long as it brings no harm to others, Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be





A Logo, change of name and a change of plan! That is what this post is ALL about!

Well first of all I’m changing the name of my blog, I just need to get the logo all sorted then I’ll post it on up here for you, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 *NOT LITERALLY, I AM NOT LIABLE FOR STUPIDITY 😉 *

I am a lover of art as you most probably have guessed anything artistic and I’m probably interested, but what you don’t know is I’m bit of a Geeky nerd too! So Soon over here is our Comic Con, it’s not on the same scale as in America or even London but it’s still awesome, we went for the first year last year and we had an AMAZING day, so my hubby suprised me on my birthday and said we will be going again this year! (YAY!!) But this time my son want’s to dress up, and as the guy who illustrates some of the Beano comics will be there and he is a BIG lover of them (he has mine and my husband’s copies and some new ones!) he decided he would go as Dennis The Menace, fabulous I thought, no dressing up or making involved…WRONG!! Can I find a decent “Dennis the Menace” Jumper/Sweater? Nope, so I thought I know I’ll crochet one, but all the patterns (if it’s that they are selling) are sooo much, so I decided I would make one myself. So here is my very FIRST clothing pattern, I’m hoping to write the original down soon, but for now here is what my sample jumper looked like, I made it for my sister’s Baby Annabelle, just so I could see if the jumper would work, I would reccommend doing this if your thinking of making your own pattern by the way!

First I had to measure from wrist to wrist, and I want it a little longer so measured from neck down stomach to where I wanted jumper to end, and measured top of head and neck (my son has a rather big head, so need jumper to fit over!) Then I crocheted the front and then the back and whip stitched it all together, Just remember not to sew up the sleeves or part of the bottom of the jumper, like I did and had to unpick the darn thing, and it was a PAIN I tell you, luckily I only did a couple of stitches on the bottom before I realized but the whole darn sleeve I had sewn right up doh!!

I was inspired by the videos from Hectanooga1 on Youtube, and I liked the way she made the pink summer jumper, have a look it’s worth checking some of her other vids out too.

But without further ado let’s see the final Jumper shall we?…Nah I’ll just tease you with the progression of work first 🙂 I know I’m great like that aren’t I?

**Please note that I used scrap wool for this as It’s just a “sample” piece so please ignore the two tone colour of the blue, that darker blue was a nightmare, God knows where I got that yarn from but I hope I never EVER come across it again, it keps breaking mid stitch so I had to keep re-attatching, and generally mid row too, arghhhh! *** This jumper took me 2 days in between being with family etc, I’m so pleased with it as the lines match up totally. I hope to share the pattern when I have finished it on here, and yes it will be FREE 🙂 so watch this space 🙂 (well not literally…you can go now..go on….look at pics)


One done and one to go, Those ends look terrible, but honestly it wasn’t too bad in the end, and I dont think it would of been as bad if the yarn hadn’t broken sooo much!!!






Those stitch markers are there, to remind me where the arm pits are so then I just start going down the row.



I think this was the start of the second half, this side looked a bit smaller as the yarn I began with was different weight (and it was awfully brittle!)


This is me just seeing if it would fit baby Annabelle. Look at those ends!!!

AND here is the finale…..TA DA….


Finished Project all ends sewn in.


Fitting time (after I had to unpick darn sleeve!) not looking too bad!



All done Front and back and collar done too.



Back of top. So what you think? You think it’s going to work? Let me know just comment below 🙂

So here is my new up to date list of things to do. Sometimes I have to put other things on the back burner as I need some projects done earlier, you know what I mean? Anyway her is my list so far….


~***Make something for my son’s best friend***~ deadline 13th april – latest!!!!!

* Dennis Menace Jumper and write pattern (I will try honestly I will!) – deadline 27 April

* Dennis Menace Wig (Can you not tell I like a challenge?!) – deadline 27 April

* “Secret” Present for my mum…(hope it works out as well as I hope..can’t wait!) -25 May

* Finish off the “welsh” minion bottoms (I decided to re-do them again!)

*Make sashay scarf for my son’s friend ***find out when birthday is***

* Make Angry bird storm trooper (my son has been asking for AGES!)

* Make Microphone rattle and train for nephew

* make dishcloths out of cotton *haven’t done this yet!*

Well that’s all I can think of , the list got longer as I was writing it! Good luck in all that you do, make sure it’s good, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



Pentagons, 6 inches and Hippopottamus(es)!

Hello All,

Firstly get your mind out of the gutter, the 6 inches means how wide from side to side the pentagons need to be! 😉

I hope you are all well and have had lots of success in your projects. I have made a pentagon (properly this time) so take a look at the pics below (unless you have seen my last post that shows my finished project)

And here are a few more,

I’m going to make them bigger so for now this is what I have

IMAG0618 IMAG0625 IMAG0626














IMAG0618 IMAG0630 IMAG0629And here are the other ones, as you can see I made the smallest one following the pattern from about.com and the bigger one I just winged it after finishing the pattern.IMAG0628



Pentagon Basic 5 Sided


HappyPottamus (Happypotamus the Happy African Flower Hippo Crochet Pattern) THIS IS A PAID PATTERN!!


That’s all I have for today folks, hope you liked my very short post but I need to do another 6 of these  and they need to be 6 inches from side to side, and I want to wash and send them off before  it’s too late.

Thanks for popping by oh and I haven’t posted in the last few days as we went away for a lovely long weekend break, was nice just to go and chill!!

I’m hoping to upload a couple of more patterns for mother’s day also so keep your eyes peeled for my updates or/and new posts 🙂

Harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be



I’m an Aunty, World Book Day and My First Ruffle/Sashay Scarf!


Sorry another update for this post I now have pics of some little feet in his little boots, but my little nephew has the family trait of big /long feet so they only just fit. Bless him. So scroll down and see the new pics! 🙂

UPDATE! As I forgot to put links to patterns before I shall put them here, they will open in new window/tab depending on your settings. I do apoligise 🙂

The booties are a paid pattern, ~(but there are a LOT on the net for free, it’s only my sister requested THESE ones)

The scarf pattern is an adaption of this one

I basically did the same, but might of changed it in the middle, well it felt like I did!


Hello all,

Well I have so much to say I don’t know where to start! So I shall start with me finally meeting my nephew!! I’m an Aunty at last and I feel like an “official” Aunty now I’ve met him 🙂 I can’t put pics up of him as I’m sure you can understand  and the reasons why! I am hoping to have a picture of his little feet in the booties though, so should be able to upload that one, but we will have to see! My nephew is beautiful, and bright as a button (why do people say that? Me included?!) and he is gurgling away, seems pretty content too, most of the time and he has a smile that lights up the world 🙂

Talking of Booties and babies, here is the second pair of booties I made for my little nephew,



Booties with little feet and tootsies in them 🙂

Starting Bootie

Starting Bootie

bootie cuddles left n right bootie left an right bootie 2

I also managed to finish a scarf that I have been working towards for a while, the “Sashay” or “Ruffle” scarf, one made with Sashay yarn, which is kind of like a mesh type of yarn. I didn’t take much pictures of the in between making it, but here is the end result, my sister was very very happy with it and I was delighted that she loved it just as much!

IMAG0565 IMAG0567 IMAG0566

And I am still working on the pentagons and another one of those scarfs, but the pentagons are more important, bit of a priority really, once I have done them I think I shall make another “minion”…what did I call it last time?! hmmmmm! Oh worker bee.

Also I found something new (well new to me anyway) called zetongle (or something like that) Tongle for short, basically its a doodle that you do then with shading and shapes etc your just make artwork, so I thought I would “jazz” up the brown wrapping paper for the scarf and here is what happened


So I decided that I would put some hearts on the paper and kind of got carried away with shapes and lines on them too, it looks like a bird dragon we decided in the end but it’s not “meant” to be anything, that is just lots of lines shapes etc and then coloured in with 3/4 felt tips, simple huh?

Anyway I taught my 7 year old this Saturday Morning and we had fun making some together, I wish I had left mine in pencil but he wanted us to colour them so here are the results

This is mine

This is mine



So that is the results :).


I like world book day I have nothing against it, what I DO have however is the fact it has become World “Movie” day! I know they make books of all the movies now, but surely world book day is about the books hence the name, so wouldn’t you think that the teachers would encourage the children to dress as characters from the books not the movies? Yes, so they do that and what do they go as? Movie characters! The mind boggles, I am a Teaching Assistant too, I know the pressures but I thought world book day was about book, encouraging children to read, getting their minds working, it seems I am wrong, and this saddens me, especially as a Big book lover, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me! My son if you were wondering went as “puss in boots” and before you say “but he’s from a movie, he’s from shrek etc” Well actually there was a book of “puss in boots” first, and if you think about Shrek, all the characters are from Nursery Rhymes, see now your memory is coming back, he did want to dress as “puss in boots” from shrek, but firstly (we didn’t have a “ginger” jumper and secondly I said he needed to be more like the original, who was black fur, hat and boots, so we compromised, he had a hat like “puss” from shrek, black top, and black boots with the same sword as “puss” from shrek, and it worked 🙂 He was happy and so was I 🙂

Well I’m sorry that was a bit of a rant but sometimes things just “bug” me like that, on top of people who are rude for no reason (too many customer service (hahaha) staff ) and those with no manner, or should we say have them but don’t use them! Right off to make some more pentagons now. Thanks for reading my blog sorry it’s such a long one.

Good luck in all that you do. Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed Be



Oh and I have decided to try and think up a better “logo” just not happy with that picture, might do a tongle one, that would work now wouldn’t it 🙂

The journey of Crocheted Pentagons! – UPDATED!!

Well what a GOOD MORNING (check’s time to make sure it is still morning!) all, I hope this post finds you all well and full of energy, which I have seem to have from doing “primal” since Monday!! Anyway, let’s get to the point, I have been trying to do pentagons, which I have NEVER tried before, after some trial and error and taking a bit of this pattern and a bit of that and mashing it up a bit, I think I have finally made it easy enough for me to understand! Now just so you know, I have never made a granny square until this /end of last year (my head is still in 2013!!) and even then I used a vintage pattern (I know…but I’m crazy like that!)  and even then I had to figure out the corners “my way”, so when I show the pictures below, when you have stopped laughing at my crazy attempts then please do let me know what you think of my very first 6 inch pentagon 🙂 (it’s measured from side to side as requested by the wonderful lady for this good cause) (please scroll down for update, I do apoligise about the way my pictures went all random, for some reason they would NOT behave!)

So here are my fantastic attempts..NOT!

This is starting to look better

This is starting to look better

IMAG0492 square :) IMAG0496



well it's more of a square (but not an official square!)

well it’s more of a square (but not an official square!)
Too curly don't you think?

Too curly don’t you think?

So There you have it, all my “mistakes” from trying to make pentagons, now the ones I was requested were for 6, 6inch pentagons (from side to side) and  in different patterns and in the colours red and white, it is for an amazing cause, so I am happy to do it and this is my first finished pentagon, and I am so happy with it! It does need to have the yarn weaved in, but I couldn’t wait to show off..bad me! haha.

Loving this stripey pentagon, you could use it as a potholder too I suppose :)

Loving this stripey pentagon, you could use it as a potholder too I suppose 🙂

Pentagon stripey :) Let me know what you think just scoll down and comment or like my page. Thanks

Pentagon stripey 🙂 Let me know what you think just scoll down and comment or like my page. Thanks

UPDATE : – Well I thought it looked all right but then I had a closer look and it looks like one side is a little larger than the other *sigh* this was starting to get me down, so I looked at a few patterns and a few youtube clips and finally….I think I have got it, for real this time folks!

So here we go 🙂 See the difference in the last one compared to the one above?

Is this looking like it might be going RIGHT?!

Is this looking like it might be going RIGHT?!

You know what? this looks a lot bigger than it is, but it is only on round 4 (ish) but doesn't it look more equal?

You know what? this looks a lot bigger than it is, but it is only on round 4 (ish) but doesn’t it look more equal?









Please don’t forget to comment, like my page and/or follow if you want to, I will take good constrictive advice and criticism, but not silly sarcastic comments, I think that’s fair don’t you? Good Luck in all that you do.


I think I’ve finally cracked it, a pentagon that is equal 🙂


IMAG0617 IMAG0618

Pic 1 _ is upside down. 🙂



Harm none and do as though will,

Blessed Be



My “Follower Worker Bee” Also known as Minion lookalike ;)

Well you can’t blame me for trying can you? I am sooo proud to finally have finished this “welsh” minion, I know he is 4 days late but then again I was ill in between and it was a late thought of idea! So what have I done out of my list…errr just him at the moment he took a little longer and I decided I wanted him to have a hat (that was a bit of trial and error!) but the result is this rather happy Worker Bee, and I LOVE him, so I think I may use him as my sample and make another, as I have two orders all ready!  So here are some pics for you 🙂 I might of got a little carried away :-

No hands!

No hands!

one of my eyes need sewing on! take the pin out!!

one of my eyes need sewing on! take the pin out!!

You diggin' ma gear? (as in clothing!)

You diggin’ ma gear? (as in clothing!)

Can you spot my Mama's hand?

Can you spot my Mama’s hand?

You KNOW I lookin' goOD! :)

You KNOW I lookin’ goOD! 🙂

So there you have it, he needs his straps sewn on but apart from that he is already to pose, when I was making his dungarees it was a LOT of trial and error because of the dragon picture, and the result ended in me not making as many rounds as I should of done (because of all my frogging! think it was 3 times by the end!) but now I know what to do, I can probably make them a lot easier and with the right amount of rounds and increases.

Well I just wanted to show you all what I’ve achieved in the past couple of days, not only that but I have decided that If doctors can’t help me I am going to try and get myself better through my diet alone, (I’m doing primal as I did it years ago and kind of forgot about it and went off the wagon) so far, it’s only been 2 days but  I feel less groggy, and wooly headed, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (I didn’t even KNOW I had been feeling like that) also I’m hoping I can lose some weight while doing it as I am just gaining pounds and pounds and we all know that your ailments become 10 times worse when there is added weight! Anyway that’s it for my babbling tonight, need to get my beauty sleep….or I might sneak in some more crochet before bed 😉 Hoping I shall have more to show you tomorrow.  Good Luck in all that you do.

Harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be



Sorry for the lack of posting this week!

Hi all,

I apologise for the lack of posting this week, we have had an eventful one, as is always the way when it’s half term, not only that but hubby’s off works too, so my priority is family time, which I’m sure you can all understand. 🙂

Anyway I’m yet suffering from another bout of ear and throat infection, damn this mucked up immune system, so I have just been trying to finish projects in between, sleeping and recovering. I will have some things to show you soon, I promise!!!  But for now, I’m just grateful for those who have liked my posts, and those who are following, thank you so much, it means a lot to me!

This is what we have to look forward to on my next post, (this is also to keep me motivated so I just don’t give up and leave all my projects half finished..a little trickery for my mind if you will ;))

So here goes:

1. Minion has his welsh costume all ready (he needs a hat and some goggles!)

2. Snowdrop pattern is finalised with the new snowdrop (not the one currently posted!)

3. 6 different red and white Pentagons are finished (and my “mistake” ones posted) with the pattern I used! (hopefully!!)

4. Sashay scarf finished (or at least started, I shall explain all about that nightmare!)

5. More Baby Booties, hats and some bobbles (this is a maybe though)

6. I am hoping to make myself a crochet bag, that I can take places to do my crochet instead of being stuck at home all the time, and also I know the straps won’t break from the strain of all my projects

I think that’s about it for now. Thanks again. Good Luck in all that you do.

Harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be



St David’s day is on it’s way!! Pictures of “Welsh” Minion

Well to celebrate the up coming St David’s day or  (dydd) Gwyl Dewi Sant (1st of March) as it’s said in welsh I thought I would make a minion to fit in with the theme, here is the making of him and his outfit so far…!!

He looks pretty chuffed don't you think? :)

He looks pretty chuffed don’t you think? 🙂










Here are a few more picture’s of the process of getting there…..

First of all I had to get my graph down to a smaller size (that was near impossible!!!) But finally I did it 🙂

Here you go this is the first version…

This just didn't look quite right!

This just didn’t look quite right!




That's better!

Don't you just love weaving in ends?!!!

Don’t you just love weaving in ends?!!!




And finally the sewn in ends!!! IMAG0460


Now they are not the tidiest by any means and I’m not sure I’m happy with them like this, but then again I’m not selling this one, I hope this to be a sample and then when I do this again, I shall weave in ends as I go along but as I already frogged it twice! I didn’t want to tempt fate 🙂 How bad are they really?  Are they as bad as I think or just a horrid mess?

Please Let me know what you think.

I’m sorry I have been absent from my blog for a little while but I have not been well enough to write on here or even to crochet that much to be honest!! I am currently working on a side project of making 6inch pentagons in red and white for a good cause and then I’m going to finish my minion, and I have a few more things up my sleeve.

I’m now on Etsy but I have yet to sell anything, what would you want me to sell do you think? maybe send me your ideas, also I’m hoping to do a contest by the end of the year (nothing like being planned is there? makes a change for me!) but I’m not sure yet, depends if people like my work.

I shall hopefully update a bit more later today or tomorrow. Thanks again for being so patient. Oh and I had a wonderful birthday too, I was spoilt rotten by hubby, my cheeky monkey and the rest of my family, I am truly blessed.

Harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be

Abi xxx

And another Minion and counting :)

Well today I have been busy finishing off what I gave a preview of yesterday. Today however I am making yet another Minion, this will be number four!! I can’t believe it, but this one is extra special, this one is to be sold and it’s going to be a one off speciality, so I can’t wait to finish it and show it off on here 😉

so no pictures today sorry just thought I’d pop in and say hi and let you all know what I’m up to. I may not post until Thursday or Friday now, as I am going to put all my energy into finishing this Minion and my son is going to a confrence with school tomorrow and valentines day is coming up, which is also pirate day for my son’s school  and my birthday is on Saturday. So it’s going to be a little busy to say the least!

As for my pain!!

Well that’s a whole different story, my left side is deciding it doesn’t like me crocheting as much (though I have been a little hectic with it I must say!) and my knee has given up on me again (happens every so often!) but this time my hip on the opposite side and my foot (on the same side) hurts and gets what I can only describe as “hot spots” and intense cramping and “chewing pain” I don’t know how else to describe this! Not to mention the hot flushes that decide to take me by suprise and the horrid exhaustion which I just can’t deal with, without my Mother – in – law, my son would of missed a ton of school!!! Bless her, I’m so lucky to have her, hope when I get to see the consultant he can make it at least bearable to take my son to school and bring him home and maybe if he has time, let’s me be able to walk and cycle again, that’s not much to ask is it? Anyway sorry for that, just had to get it off my chest!

Harm none and do as though will

Blessed Be



Good Morning and a Nice Hot cuppa :)

Good Morning all, it feels like it’s minus 50 here but it’s not it’s probably about  1 Celcius or so, but I REALLY REALLY feel the cold and it takes a while for my fingers and other joints to warm up on a normal day, so I thought I would warm them up and updated my blog with that preview that I promised. I think some of you might be able to guess what the picture is to become but you never know. Send me your thoughts 🙂 Thank you also for liking my page, I’m now up to 20 likes thanks so much for your support 🙂

Can u guess what it is yet?

Can u guess what it is yet?








I also thought that while I can’t crochet yet, I might be able to have a nice hot cuppa, as I keep making one taking a few sips getting carried away and ending up with a very very lukewarm cuppa, ughh, not nice! So today I’m sitting here typing and drinking my very nice hot cuppa cuddling my hot water bottle (it is my best friend at the moment!!) ahh bliss!!

I managed to take my son to school today, those who have been following my blog know I am awaiting a consultant diagnosis of whether that is what is wrong with my body or not, hence some days/weeks I can not get my body moving (or even out of bed!) no matter how hard I try so my wonderful mother – in – law takes my son to school, as my hubby tries to goes early to work so he can return earlier and  help me do the tea etc, I am so lucky to have such supportive people in my life, it doesn’t help me feel less guilty but I have to just accept people’s help at the moment there is no way around it, I just hope the consultant can tell me what’s going on!

My beautiful son, he wanted to help mama do the ironing, who was I to stop him? He doing a good job 😉 (don’t worry I was supervising!)

My little poser, ironing :)

My little poser, ironing 🙂










As for my Alopecia, well my parting is becoming more of a train track than a normal parting, I’m guessing either i’m still stressing (which I don’t think I am?!) or that steroid cream isn’t really working 😉

Anyhow that’s all for now, I think my fingers are finally thawing out a bit! Oh and I will be doing that train soon, I just have so much going on in my head right now, I think I’m going to have to write a list!! Harm none and do as though will.

Blessed be

Abi xx

Some Updates for you. :) Blanket, hats and a mystery ;)

Hello all, sorry I haven’t posted for a little while, been a bit busy with birthday celebrations (my son just turned 7) and digging glow in the dark dinosaur fossils out of blocks (that was fun) with my son, etc, oh and in between all that I haven’t been feeling so good, but I managed to get a few things done, the blanket as promised is finished, but I may remove the fish and put the whale there instead, because I think he looks like a shark has chewed him and spat him out onto the blanket, or is that just being me being over critical, well see for yourselfs.

Here you go, blanket with appliques :-


So there you go, give me your verdict 🙂

And here are the other things I was/have been working on, I tried a pattern that said it was an adult size, hmm it would be an extremely small adult size head I think, but I know how to fix it next time, I just need to keep going (increasing) a couple more rounds before carrying on with the pattern, I think it finally clicked, I may be able to make a hat without a pattern finally (it takes a while for things to click with my brain!!)

So here is the Small Adult size hat


it actually looks quite big on that picture but believe me, I have a small adult size head (as it doesn’t contain much brains ;)) and it doesn’t fit mine, haha!

And here is a hat, that I went a bit wrong on the pattern, (wasn’t concentrating too busy nattering away ;)!) but I quite like the colours and I quite like the “bobbly” effect, so I may do this again, but this would fit a preemie baby I think or a doll?


I love the colours! Reminds me of happy ice cream and marshmallows (oh that’s just me? err right! :P)

I’m currently working on an exciting project and I can’t wait to give you a sneak peak, but not yet, you may have to wait until tomorrow (monday 10th Feb) before I give you a little preview, it’s hopefully going to be one of the first items I’m going to sell. I’m hoping to start on a heart blanket, and some more hats in the next week so watch this space. Sorry it’s so picture heavy and not a very detailed post, I just wanted to let you all know am still here and haven’t neglected you.

Take care, harm none and do as though will.

Blessed be



A pair of Booties all done :) Appliques and a baby blanket!!

I did the booties again, and as the second one was a little bigger I had to make another so now I have one display bootie (that’s the one on the other blog post) I don’t have a doll to put the booties on so I thought I would use some empty loo rolls (so recourful they are you know!!) and here are a few pics of the booties.

These ones are before I pressed them with the iron, can you see the curl? I couldn’t stand seeing them like that!!

IMAG0297 IMAG0300

This is them once they have been pressed! (steamed wit steam iron ) 🙂

IMAG0302 IMAG0306 IMAG0307 IMAG0308

I’m quite happy with them and can’t wait to put them on my little nephew.

See the toilet rolls, they help make them look better visually don’t they? 🙂

Today I’m working on this

IMAG0309 IMAG0310 IMAG0311

It’s finished I hear you say, yes but I feel like there is something missing,

So I have a few ideas! I am going to make these…

A Whale


Here we have the little whale,


he just need an eye, I quite like this colour against the blanket 🙂


a Fish and


a duck or duck and ducklings or


maybe an octopus


And once I have done that I’m hoping to work on this train and trucks which is an awesome pattern from tilleyb @ Limegreenlady@wordpress, here is the link

Well that’s all for now folks, Good luck in all that you do,

Harm none and do as though will. Blessed Be



Winter Solstice 21st December (just a quick one!!) (UPDATED!)

Hello All,

I hope this post finds you and yours well, This Sunday 21st December (uk time/date) we will be celebrating Winter Solstice, which in Pagan/Wiccan religion is Celebrating the Longest Night and the Shortest Day, this is celebrating the rebirth of the sun. So Happy Winter Solstice everyone, may the Gods and Goddesses watch over you and yours. Blessed Be.

I have been rather busy lately as you know I have been making a Baby Set,:-

Hooded Jacket



And I finally finished it, and I’m so pleased with the results. So here you go…


Hat. I think this is super Cute (am I allowed to say that about my own work?!)

Here is the Hat and Gloves/Mittens

Hat and Mittens, I made two pairs, Small ones and ones a bit bigger :)

Hat and Mittens, I made two pairs, Small ones and ones a bit bigger 🙂

And here is a picture of the Jacket and the Whole set.

20141207_192144 20141207_093203

Let me know what you think 🙂

Also my Son’s School had a Christmas fayre so I made him a little star, I’m sad I sold him but I hope he has gone to a good home…


Starting the eyes!And my Work space for that evening!!


Looks a bit like the guy of spongebob on this side doesn’t he? It’s pink on one side and yellow on the other 🙂

I made this in a couple of hours (well maybe 3, with the eyes and mouth ;)) I love him, Currently I am trying to wrap presents for Christmas and Making some dolls clothes,..I have made a lovely dress already but you have to wait 🙂 I have an eye to sew on a whale and a tie to make (if I can find some time!!) Oh! And an owl to make it I can. So all in all, a very quiet week for me 😉

Well that’s all for now, I shall update next week before Christmas if I can!! You know how it is busy busy bees Squirrels at this time of year!

Blessed Be


These are the Stars finished. They went to the school Fayre, I made them in a night, simple to do, easy to work up, a little tricky doing the points but if I can do it so can you 😛 Going to make myself some another day, I might make a whole Mario Set..we shall see 😛

20141127_234835 20141127_234903

Poorly baby and Finished Poppy’s!!

Hello All, Hope you are all well, this week my son has been hit by a nasty cold so he is all clingly and snuffly, weak and tired poor thing, and I haven’t got it (YET) so YAY! For my new defensive immune system that seems to be working right for a change, I do have an ear ache and am a little more tired than normal but it’s nothing I can’t cope with! Anyway I think my baby has now turned a corner and will be back to his normal self on Monday to go back to school, He loves school so it’s not like him not to want to go, he is currently listening to me type with some relaxing music while on the sofa cuddling his little teddy, hopefully this wil make him go to sleep!!!

Now he is on the mend I may be able to get some more projects off the Gift List underway!! I have finally finished the Poppy’s I have been making I used this pattern If your interested, but I used a 2mm hook as the poppy’s came out too big for my liking otherwise 🙂 I also made the middle using a magic circle and 10sc then closed magic circle and fastened off! So Anyway apart from blocking and applying pins here are the now finished poppies 🙂


I’ve bundled them together as much as possible oh and they are resting on these that I have just finished,  I had to treat them to soften them up a bit because they were a little ictchy and scratchy on the skin, you know what I mean?


currently I’m working on a cotton soap Cozy as I thought it it works that’s a pretty useful thing, the amount ot times I’ve gone on holiday and bought a new soap and then having to put it in a piece of kitchen towel in a plastic bag, and I hate that, I really do but this way you would get 2 for one wouldn’t you? You could use it as a wash cloth, face cloth, and when you have finished using the Soap you can start using it as a  Soap Cozy to hold your soap! Also it’s easy to sling in the washing machine!

I don’t have a lot of cotton (as it’s quite dear over in the U.K, and we don’t have amazing sales like you do in the U.S. – well no where near where I am anyway!) so I think I may have to ask my lovely hubby to let me get some more or I will have to start making some of the Non-Cotton stuff on the guestlist..I mean gift list!!

I also found I have 800g of Aran Acrylic Purple yarn, and I’m just not sure what to make yet, I want to make a 1960’s style Shift dress but I don’t know if I feel confident to wear that yet so I may leave that until after Christmas!! I may make an Afghan instead and get some more Yarn after /for Christmas in a different colour!

Okay so what do we have left on the Gift List?

Well we have Socks (probably best cotton actually!)

Teddy Hamock





Beach Bag


Hmm I need to design some ring I think, I seen some lovely rings but they are just not righ You know what I mean? Earrings are much easier you can go for Halloween type ones, to Snowflakes to Dreamcatcher, ones the possibilities are endless for those. Totes and Beach Bags, there are SOOooo many good patterns out there! As for Scarfs I’m not sure what I’m going to make, and whether I’m going to make another cowl or make a scarf and hat for a child or Adult 🙂

Also I didn’t put on here Dolls Clothes or Barbie Clothes but I’m thinking of making some of these too!!

My head is just full of so many ideas and my hands can’t work fast enough to keep up with all these projects!! Well that’s it for today. Good Luck in all that you do, harm none.

Blessed Be



P.S. I still can’t think of a Main name for my website either I’ve come up with so many nearly’s just none that’s quite RIGHT!! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll get there though 😉